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Multitasking | Healing or Harmful?

I do not know about you, but what I am learning about multitasking is sort of shocking but yet in total alignment with messages / guidance I channel. Having discipline can be incredibly life changing, even when it comes to multitasking or should I say no longer multitasking.

Boy do we have a lot of unlearning. Here are a few key stats with multitasking and how it's actually hurting our mind, body and spirit!

If multitasking was an important innate skill, you’d think there would have always been a word for it, right? But before 1965, the word multitask didn’t exist. The term was coined in 1965 when it appeared in an IBM paper describing the capabilities of a new computer system. (Wikipedia)

During this same decade, psychologists began studying the limits of human ability to process more than one set of stimuli at a time. Over time, multitasking has become a seemingly necessary skill for staying competitive at work and in contact with friends and family.

You can read more at ----> Human multitasking - Wikipedia

Listen to this brief video. I remember years ago someone telling me that the conscious holds about 3-5. So when this video popped up, I knew there were some synchronicities.

Your brain is not designed to focus on more than one task at a time.

  1. Multitasking causes you to waste time.

  2. It elevates your stress level which can lead to serious health problems. (Do you know about Oxidative Stress and what it does to our body, mind and spirit?)

  3. Multitasking impairs your cognitive ability.

  4. It kills your creativity.

  5. It hurts your relationships. (This is showing up in my sessions daily.)

  6. Multitasking can lead to depression. (Hence #2)

I had the pleasure of listening to a Wellness Wednesday call and the guest speaker who works in brain health / neurological healing started me down this rabbit hole of multitasking and the effects. In today's world, multitasking is rewarded, seemingly a badge of honor and in my realm, it has been praised, financially incentivized and more. If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me, "Geesh Min - I don't know how you do it all" boy would I be retired. That's not a compliment by the way.

In the recent 11 years of my greatest alignment with God, I am incredibly intentional. Multitasking has not been a goal as much (former workaholic here), and in many cases I have pushed a deadline because I'm more focused on quality over quantity. I think so many of us can relate to being more intentional, but I feel this BLOG truly represents messages and healing messages I have been sharing year over year about slowing down and getting more intentional.

I had 2 mentors in the past 3 years tell me that I needed to "slowdown in order to speed up" and that resonated so deeply within my truth. I think multitasking falls into a death trap and is vibrational hypocrisy in many cases along with words like, supermom, hustler, boss babe and glorifying the mom/parent who does100 things at once.

What I want you to take away are a few options as I learn more about alignment and intentional living/growth.

  1. Come up with an A, B and C list to not only organize your thoughts/actions or to do's but to ensure you are also prioritizing as to not fall into the "trap of having to do it all now!" You cannot do it all and learning how to place true priority around a task is an important skill set to develop. Doing more, does mean better.

  2. Be present in whatever task you are doing, especially with people you love. Kids are the victims to multitasking in many Ohanas today.

  3. Set a timer for specific tasks so that you remain intentional and timely.

  4. Give yourself brain breaks. These are periods of time, typically 3-5 minutes where you are stepping away from the tasks (This can be both mentally and physically.) You can pray, journal, doodle, listen to a meditation, stretch, step outside and even do breathing exercises!

  5. Nourish your brain with high quality foods and maybe try Axio which has key ingredients for focus, clarity and either calming or boost of energy depending on your choice of flavors. You can shop with me as an independent consultant or even set up a complimentary 15 minute call to discuss your best healing options and products to support your path!

I hope you get more intentional in your life and if there is anything Spirit and I can do to assist you along the path. Please connect.

All my love,

xoxo Mindie

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