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Q: How to schedule a session with Mindie?

A: You can simply go to Mindie's Shop tab here: CLICK HERE

Once you select your desired services and/or classes and complete the checkout process, you will receive an email from Mindie or her team with 72 hours. That email includes appointment dates/times to choose from and also appointment notes which includes how to prepare. 

Q: How can I prepare for my Phone Session with Mindie?

A: Consider the following before your session with Mindie.

Write down your all your questions:

  • This helps to focus your energy.

  • Spend a few minutes, really thinking about the guidance and answers you are looking for.

  • Write as many questions as you want, with 2 of the most important first. This will ensure those are covered first as well.


  • Come with an open mind and open heart.

  • Be open to the messages and healing coming through, during your session.

  • Actively take notes, as this helps focus and ground your energy. This is Mindie's encouraged practice as it also allows your reading/session to continue because incredible confirmations are also in your notes. 

Hydrate and get plenty of rest the day before and day of your session.

Give yourself privacy during your session.

Just prior to your session, clear your mind and allow some quiet time as well.

After your session, hydrate, rest and just receive the love, healing and messages without reviewing your notes right away. Wait until 2-3 days after your session to start reviewing your notes.

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