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Crystal Basics

Crystals, in all forms are critical to healing, love and living in the "New Energy." I share my TOP 3, must haves for beginners and a BONUS favorite on today's BLOG. Keep Reading.

QUICK OVERVIEW (These are just a few attributes, there are many more.)

  • Clear Quart - Programmable and Amplifier

  • Amethyst - Psychic, Balance, Calm & Peace

  • Rose Quartz - Love, Self-Love, Family Love & Relationships

  • Selenite - Spiritual Growth, Cleanses, Fertility, & Amplifier

Today's post is a tiny bit about crystals and getting started. Here my caution to all things "crystals." Bigger is not always better. There are rough, tumbled and manually shaped crystals. Be sure they are trusted sources for purchase, and be careful as some markups are incredibly over the top. Start somewhere and you do this by simply picking up different stones/crystals, as you will be guided intuitively to pick up certain stones. After feeling their love and energy, buy the ones (start with 3-5 smaller ones) that you are most connected with. Take a phone picture of the name of the stone and the stone together. Then go home and google "spiritual meaning of _(insert name of crystal_" and you will find out how spot on accurate your intuition is/was at the time of shopping. This exercise is what I teach to all my clients who are working with crystals. Whether a beginner or more advanced in terms of experience, it is never too late to discover more crystal tips. You literally cannot go wrong buying crystals, unless you are paying too much or they are fake. (Which happens often!)

TIPS For Using Crystals: Recreational Use, Not Intended for Professional Healing Services

  • Place around your home or on your body, bed stand, work station, office area, places where you spend the most time. On your body (bra, pocket, shoe or in forms of jewelry), or you can also carry them in your purse, wallet, briefcase, car or school bag for kiddos. There are advanced methods for adding to drinking water and spiritual baths. Start simple, yet all crystals are so powerful.

  • Most crystals do need to be charged and cleansed but again, this is something Spirit and I feel has gotten a little out of hand. We don't need to have all of these rules in the new energy so just keep it simple. I work and channel everyday in the "New Energy" so many of my teachings are in exactly that, "New Ways of Living." Put your stones outside or in a window sill during full moons and new moons to charge and cleanse. Do as often as you feel inclined to do. Selenite is also a crystal that will cleanse other stones, so you can put them all on a tray or dish together. I still prefer some sunlight and moonlight for charging and cleansing. You can also use common smudge practices to cleanses as well. Intention is everything, so just remember that.

  • You them as you are guided to use. You can use them during prayer and meditation as well. You can use them for you, kids, spaces and your pets. You can use them to sleep with and even help during important conversations, decisions and so much more.

Remember that depending on what website or person you chat with, they will all tell you different spiritual and healing meanings. I say, follow your intuition and don't be afraid. Crystals will always mean different things to different people and that's by design, not accident.

  • If you are looking for a specific crystal for healing or as a gift, you can do what I can a "reverse intention lookup" and this gives you exactly what you need. Type in google or another search browser with intention "healing crystal for _ (insert what ailment or word you are looking for)_. You will then see a list of crystals that match, follow your intuition. Again, this is so critical that you trust your guidance. If you click on a link or two and connect with a crystal, that is your crystal! This is so helpful when gifting crystals or looking for more specific crystals in aid in your journey.

  • Have fun and share your crystal stories and healing stories with all.

Take Note: Crystals will appear and disappear. Yes, you can lose them easily because they are energy and that's a whole other BLOG post. Just trust they are doing the healing they need to. If others appear or are gifted to you, say thank you and carry on.

Start with these 3-4 and enjoy the amazing benefits of healing! xoxo Mindie

⋒ Love & Aloha xoxo Mindie

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