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Spirit Animals with Mindie Adamos

Probably one of my favorite teaching concepts in Shamanism is Spirit Animals. I feel it’s the most underutilized form of communication with the Spirit world, and while I had plans to launch Shaman Level I in 2019, my Tour schedule simply did not allow it, so 2020 is going to be packed with courses surrounding this amazing spirit guide. This BLOG will get you started and I’m excited to journey through this amazing energy with you.


Spirit Animal, Power Animal and Animal Guide can be used interchangeably. This is where my teachings differ. Yes, you have animal guides you have loved from birth and from your youth. Heck, you have even still be in the love with them today, keeping in mind however that our Animal Kingdom is huge, ever evolving and shifting consciousness beyond comprehension daily.

You can, will, forever and always have new spirit animals communicating with you, showing you a new path, coming in and out of your reality, and when awakening, any and all animals are ready, willing and excited to work with you. (You will never have just one, unless you choose.)

No animal kingdom animal, insect or creature ever comes into your path without specific intentions. That includes the ones humans have deemed gross, scary or bad vibes. I mean, every single creature God created, is on purpose, with an energy specific to Mother Earth and the Galactic Energies. The animal kingdom is essential and critical to the evolution of Mother Earth and again, all Galactic growth. There is no such thing as a bad Spirit Animal, anything you read online that is negative, move on. While animals bring us specific message of love, healing, confirmation and more, there is a lot of nonsense on the web too. God is love, animals are love, and we are love.

Top Questions:

Q: How do I know my Spirit Animal / Guide?

A: Any animal/insect that you resonate with, over a period of time. Any animal/insect etc that ever crosses your path, especially in the physical world. Any one that you start coming into contact with repeatedly even online, in print, as a gift, photos etc. When they repeat themselves in your life, it’s a message and often times you have missed the acknowledgement or need more of their healing. (Or Both) Meditation is also a great way to connect, sitting in silence with the intention of connecting with them. (More on this in my Shaman Level I Course)

Q: How do I connect with my Spirit Animal / Guide more?

A: Meditation, creative arts (so drawing them, painting them), spending time with them in person, or through visualization. Simply acknowledging them in real life, during your day to day activities also invites more into your life. Noticing them, actually brings them around more, and allows new ones to enter in. Journaling them, dates / times and messages received.

Q: How do I know what they are teaching me?

A: For now this is the best tool, and I teach it in every reading, teaching or course I do. Google is your best friend, because Spirit can easily manipulate technologies, in a good way. So do this, type “Spiritual Meaning of ___________” in google, click on whatever link, photo or article and voila, that is your message. This is the most easiest and consistent way to learn more about your Spirit Animals. Snap a quick screen shot for your journal too. Again, every time you connect with their energy, you are receiving healing! Why not maximize our digital world in an area that is super positive for our healing journey?

Over time, you will see trends and patterns in your messages, which is why writing them ALL DOWN, yes, every time while you are healing and ascending is key, because it will start to tell you a story.

Notes of caution: do not kill animals, yes it creates issues for you. Use catch and release methods, whenever possible. Responsible and human hunting, using head to tail methods is the highest vibration, and use professionals when necessary for extractions. If you are given the opportunity save an animal, hurt, trapped, sick, always know you local wildlife numbers and even rehabbers for wildlife. Save the turtle, release the bee, pray for the animals. If you hit an animal or feathered friend while driving, say a prayer, it’s actually not a bad omen at all. Give thanks for their life, healing and resurrection.

Okay friends, that’s all for now! I cannot wait to see online how you are connecting with your Spirit Animal friends. Until next time, be blessed!

xoxo Mindie

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