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In a world of access to just about everything at your fingertips, it can be actually quite overwhelming. Mindie has done a lot, of sifting and sorting for you! Below she will share her favorite products, companies and even go into great detail why she joined not 1, but 2 incredible companies as an independent consultant in 2018 and 2021. Let's heal together! 

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Independent Consultant 2021



Independent Consultant October 22, 2018

 I have always aligned with clean, all natural and proven products and companies and having options for those I love in this lifetime is paramount to my calling. I started watching other mama's who were sharing these incredible products. My husband and I added this amazing product line to our already natural and plant-based living journey and zero regrets and gratitude is an understatement. I help people, live their best lives!

I took all products for 6 straight months, including my husband in order to really determine if it was something I would get behind, and not only were we blown away, but I also actually had some guilt of not sharing it sooner. (Truth bomb- never keeping this company a secret again! Shop and consider joining my amazing team!) 

I then took a rare chance at going to their national convention after a special invite and the match of me and LifeVantage is absolutely one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I proudly joined as an independent consultant in October of 2021 and now have a beautiful and strong team and amazing group of clients, friends and family growing in their healing and well living journey! xoxo Mindie 

I was on my 2018 USA Tour when a sweet soul was having a pop-up event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Due to my schedule, she was able to meet me for lunch to share more about a clean beauty company that was shaking things up in the "Clean Beauty" industry! I was all ears as I was on my journey since I was 16 for natural living and wellbeing!

I was allergic to everything that had fragrances, artificial colors, flavors, scents, and quite literally lived in a baking soda and vinegar world for many of my younger years. I read labels often, before it was even a thing and truly, I just went without because it was too exhausting finding products that worked for me. 

I had been on a fully organic and all-natural lifestyle for about 20 years, and when I found with company's products and mission, I felt it was an amazing opportunity. Afterall, I'm a healer! 

This is a passion of mine, and I have truly reversed years of skin damage and never felt better in my own skin!

xoxo Mindie 

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