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Meet Mindie

Psychic Medium | Shaman Healer | Spiritual Leader

....... also Wife, Mama, Daughter, Friend and Modern Homesteader

Let’s start at the beginning! Mindie was born in Illinois and raised

in small town, Iowa. At a very young age she remembered seeing

and talking to Spirit and believed it was normal. 


As a child she somehow "knew" things about people and her

dreams would come true in real life. She gave prophetic messages

with accuracy, effortlessly.


As she grew up she realized not everyone was like this and started

to hide her gifts, despite her undeniable connection to Spirit & God.


At 19 Mindie joined a Fortune 500 Company and quickly moved up

the company management chain. In 2009 she met the love of her

life, Ed, her soon to be husband, and moved to Virginia Beach, VA

to join the rest of his family. 


Christmas Day 2010, everything changed. Her father-in-law (Pops)

delivered a message that forever changed her life.


Pops frequented the Philippines, his native country, and received a

message from a family Intuitive/Healer back on his home island.

Christmas Day, he shared at the dinner table she would “Help get

the world back to love,” with her gifts. 


Pops confirmed everything she had felt, channeled and witnessed from a young child to this day. He said she was meant to use her gifts to help others heal, have faith and come back to God.


In 2013 Mindie decided it was time to stop running from her gifts. She began providing healing messages from Spirit by phone and in person. From that moment on she opened her gifts wholeheartedly and never looked back. She retired her Corporate Career of 16 years to pursue her purpose for God and set out on her mission to “Get the World back to Love!”


Mindie is unique as a healer, to say the least. She is connected to Spirit, Jesus, Your Ancestors, everything in between & beyond. 


She channels your soul, your blueprint, accessing details that are profound and healing, she helps you connect all the dots of your soul. Bringing it all together through prophetic messages with a touch of flair, fun & grace that is unlike anything you have experienced.


No matter your situation, Mindie is able to channel, guide, heal and support you. If you feel stuck or unworthy, in a bad cycle or life crisis, navigating trauma or massive loss or simply know the world is not supposed to be this way (I’m not supposed to be this way), she has answers. 


She uncovers the hard truths through confirmation & clarity and gives you the tools to create the shifts that stick. She teaches, preaches, and heals with not just messages from above but an outlook on “who am I really.”


Whether it is reconnecting families, courage to apply for the new job, helping your child through Autism, fertility or getting up from rock bottom, she is here, without judgment. 


Get ready to be forever changed. This is your sign.


Mindie has worked with thousands of clients across the globe, in every circumstance professionally and personally. She has been featured in every size venue from Health & Wellness Conferences all over the world to Casinos throughout the Midwest. Some of those include Edgar Cayce | A1R Psychic Radio | Diamond Jo Casino | Marquette Casino 


The easiest way to understand Mindie is to listen & see to her. In person, online or on stage you can start to witness the miracles she provides. Her TESTIMONIAL page speaks for the many healed through every topic you can imagine.


Connect with Mindie to start your journey through classes, coaching or a one on one reading. Visit to see everything she is currently offering through online classes, readings and live events.


Shifting, healing, expanding & exploring is where the world is at right now. Healing is possible and we are here to help you align & expand in every space of life!

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