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Aloha, Mindie and her Ohana have made it safely to their new home on Oahu (Hawaii)

Please note that all pricing specials are limited in quantity and we truly appreciate your ongoing support for small businesses.  Please read below descriptions carefully. 
  • Current Availability is booking for Late June, Early July 2020

  • Phone Sessions:  With all current Tours on HOLD due to Corona, Mindie's availability has opened up for Phone Sessions and Classes Online.  As always, we will do our very best to get you scheduled as soon as possible but 2-3 can be reached if you are also limited on your schedule. Once your session is purchased from below, you will receive an email within 48/72 business hours M-F and that email will have appointment options.

  • Purchase your service online and once payment processes, you will be notified via email to schedule your appointment.

  • Emergency Readings: Upon Request / Based on Availability.

  • Please use Mindie's contact form for questions!

  • During Tours, Mindie does allow in person sessions at the same price as Phone Sessions

  • No Refunds / Exchanges / Transfers - Mindie has the right to refuse service to anyone for any service at any time. Missing your scheduled appointment, only 1 reschedule is allowed. Executive coaching programs apply to all guidelines. 

Executive Coaching Packages are booked through June 2020. New clients / packages starting July 2020 and beyond.

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