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Merkaba: What is it / Why is it important?

Merkaba ... a basic level it is your light body (energy body/vehicle) so to speak. We have so many energy bodies, layers, frequencies etc, but the Merkaba (Murr-Ka-Bah) or (Murr-Kuh-Buh) translates to “divine light vehicle” or in Hebrew “light-spirit-body.”

There is so much to talk about with this, but to keep it simple for now, this is your light body, connected to the magnetic grids of all space including earth and higher dimensions. You can read much about this topic but for me, I always keep it simple until you start to experience more connection to it.

Merkaba activation, this is where I’m quite different. I don’t believe God wants to sit around doing specific things to “activate it.” It’s already active, it’s the connection to source, it’s our wiring so to speak that is already one. What I would say though, is everything Spirit and I have ever taught you about energy, raising your vibes, meditation, activating your joy center through galactic type meditations is key. Your connection to God will automatically illuminate your merkaba.

Other ways that Merkaba are profound. Anytime you are in a physical space with anyone, your Merkaba is then joined so to speak with them, everything can either be illuminated for the highest good, or the rather, not for the highest good. This is BEYOND that in which you call Auras. So don’t get those confused. Merkaba is everything, all, DNA, already connected.

The Merkaba is a star shaped tetrahedron, 3 dimensional 8 pointed star made from two triangular pyramids, one pointing up and one pointing down. It’s the male and female energy in balance, much like yin/yang. The upward pointing pyramid connects to heavenly energy and downward one is grounding here on earth.

Just as an example, I first awakened to this in meditation, it wasn’t forced, I didn’t know what it was, I had no clue why, but I started drawing pictures of it during meditation, it was showing up everywhere around me and after a few weeks God and Arch Angel Metatron pointed me in the direction of searching for it.

You can absolutely invoke the energy, do call to action requests, but more importantly understanding that you are an amazingly dynamic human being, connected as one to God and to all those around you, everything is connected through Merkaba energy, the magnetic grid and so much more.

Be aware that you are beyond powerful, alive and blessed. Pray often and take note when you are seeing or getting messages with triangles, especially during meditations, healing sessions or those performing Reiki Energy Healing.


xoxo Mindie

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