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Writing Your Book of Life - Earth School


Did you know, before you incarnate on "Earth" or to the "Earth School" you choose nearly all major attributes of your life! Just to name a few!

- Parents

- Siblings

- Relationships (of all types)

- Jobs / Careers / Callings

- Life Lessons / Healing Needed to Grow

You basically write a "Book of Life" before you even get here, and every single person agrees, close and distant, agree to be in your Play, Drama, Movie, Thriller. Call it what you would like, this journey is unlike any other incarnation in the Galactic Reincarnations.

You choose all these conditions, however the real healing begins the moment you start to understand that you Co-Create every single experience you choose. You can manifest, heal, and re-align through the vibration of LOVE.

Free choice is a huge part of your play, are you choosing love or fear in your free will life?

I leave you with a thought. If we re-incarnate over and over and over again, and you always re-write your Book of Life based on those above factors, why on earth would you continue to stay with people in your journey, causing you harm to only know that they "agreed" to play a part in your play according to your own healing / life lessons?

Why would you stay at the very job that is killing you, knowing that's part of your Book of LIfe. Meaning you chose a job, it doesn't mean you didn't choose "other, more enlightened" jobs after you have the strength to leave the toxic ones. The toxic ones you chose to experience to learn, so once you learn, you grow, once you grow you heal and once you heal, you advance to the New Opportunity you already listed in your Book of Life!

The more you consider something "new" in your journey, you open up new possibilities for HEALING!

xoxo Mindie

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