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She channels and connects to your soul &  blueprint, accessing profound details while connecting the dots of your journey. Mindie's access to extraordinary details of your past, present and future for the pure purpose of healing and guidance is that one that you have to receive to believe.

Mindie is everything your heart has desired to bring you into alignment with your soul, by way of Spirit.

All in one place you receive loving, specific and accurate messages as professional Psychic - Medium, Shaman-Energy Healer, Teacher, Executive Life & Business Coach and Mentor.


Phone Session or In Person

Private Reading with Mindie

Healing messages from spirit either over the phone or in person will guide you in any area of life you may be struggling with, needing guidance, healing or even connecting to loved ones who have crossed can be all covered in a single session. 


Distant or In Person

Energy Healing Session

Struggling with emotional or physical pains, we can help! Energy Healing is ancient medicine. An energy healing session allows me to remove, release and protect energy within and around your physical and energy body. Clearing blocks, traumas and moving energy in a way that affords maximum peace, healing and protection.


Live & Self Paced Classes, Training & Certifications

Mindie offers an array of self paces healing and self improvement courses, Usui Reiki Training and Certification as well as LIVE courses throughout the year. 

Meet Mindie

 Psychic Medium | Shaman | Spiritual Leader & Beyond

Take everything you know about “Channeling” and throw it out the window. Mindie is everything your heart has desired to bring you into alignment with your soul through love, light, and with Spirit and God. What does that mean?


She channels and speaks to your soul directly, reads your blueprint, your energy and more by way of pure unconditional, love. With extraordinary accuracy, she is the light to help you in all spaces of your journey from healing (physical, mental and spiritual), to love, relationships, wealth, awakening, understanding and more. She connects you to loved ones including pets who have departed and is able to connect all the pieces in a single session. She brings it all together with a touch of flair, fun, laughter & grace that is unlike anything you have experienced.


Mindie is not your "average healer," her gifts are beyond and she prides her work on referals from prior clients, and is extremely proud of her connection to God and the Angels! Specific and accurate guidance, healing that has to be experienced to even believe, and messages and healing tools and support that last a your entire life.


When I need guidance, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and profound messages, Mindie is absolutely my go to.

Mindie has been a very important part of my life for over 10 years now. Mindie and Spirit have guided me through this journey we call life.  When I need guidance, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and profound messages Mindie is absolutely my go to. Mindie's extraordinarily accurate details and messages from loved ones, has helped me get through my grieving process after losing my father. She has given me very, very specific details and messages from him that no one would ever know! Hearing from my father and other loved ones gives me the assurance that I am never alone and I'm definitely being watched over and protected. Mindie has given me specific and accurate details about where I would be moving,  dates of grandchildren's births, jobs and opportunities that I have had and so much more.

- Repeat Client

She knew things that it would be impossible for anyone to know!

I first saw Mindie at a group reading at the Diamond Joe casino.  My husband and I went with no expectations other then to be entertained.  Mindie was totally authentic and amazed us with her gifts.  She knew things that it would be impossible for anyone to know.  She made a believer out of us. I could go on forever but will end it here by saying I am so grateful that I have you in my life.  Thank you for everything you have shown and taught me.  You are a blessing to us all my friend. Your are truly a beautiful soul and everyone you touch becomes a better person because of you.  I thank you and your family for sharing your gifts with the world.

- Large Gallery Reading Guest (Casino Guest)

I finally feel like me again. I haven't felt this much like myself all year!

“I honestly can’t thank you enough but thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have no idea what that session and those gifts have done for me, I haven’t felt this much like myself all year and it just feels like you gave me my soul back! I’ll say it forever, thank you again for helping me, words can’t describe what you’ve done for me and I honestly can’t wait to have another session with you.”

- First time client

Helping the world, back to love. xoxo Mindie

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