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Aloha, and thank you for connecting! I am honored to help guide you on your path! 

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I'm a wife, a mama to our son Ace Ohana, friend and daughter. I'm a natural born Professional Shaman, Spiritual Leader, Prophetic Guide (Psychic & Medium) and Healer now living in my hometown/state in Iowa with my beautiful Ohana.

I knew at a very young age that I experienced the world differently than others.  I pushed down my gifts until life put me on an incredibly touching path with my Father in law who is now in heaven. I was guided each and every step to the unfolding of my unique gifts. There are extraordinary in ways that must be experienced. 

My prophetic messages are from God and truly are best experienced, no matter what situation(s) you are experiencing here on earth. There are no tools needed to guide healing messages nor any tools needed for my healing work.  There is always a reason when God directs souls onto my path, so thank you for trusting your friend, family, intuition or any other reason you are guided to reach out to me. 


For 12+ years now, my clients around the world share testimony of incredible peace, life changing healing, awakening, joy, alignment, specific and accurate messages and miracles of the body, mind and spirit. You have to experience the love of God and Spirit to fully comprehend what gifts I have been assigned in this lifetime. 

After traveling across the United States and spreading messages of hope, love and confirmation, I continue to be amazed at the stories and hearts healed through events, group readings, one on one sessions, courses and more.

My Ohana and I are blessed to have now moved to my home state of Iowa after spending a couple of years in our home away from home Hawaii.  

I am honored to help answer any questions you have via my contact form below, and you can browse service options under the shop tab.  Any special requests, can be sent via email as well.

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