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I'm Mindie 

Aloha + Welcome

I help women awaken their authentic light and return to their path of “Who am I really?”


It's an honor to connect and work with you!

Mindie offers readings, healing, courses, private groups and executive life & business coaching packages, tours, LIVE events and more.

Types of Readings

Soul Level Guidance Session

This is Mindie's most invested offering! She is so specific and accurate in your guidance! You have to experience it, to believe it! Spiritual guidance, insights, and accessing your spiritual blueprint for all of your life's choices and more, with light and love!

Image by Georgia de Lotz

This can include any topics, but  also involved Professional Executive Life + Business guidance.

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Spiritual Medium Session

Connecting with those who have departed and connecting to your Spirit Team. Any topic can be covered in a mediumship session, as your loved ones are here to support you from the other side. Connecting to your Spirit Team has never been easier.


You have  the best support team watching over and guiding you. This session is sure to assist you in all ways light, love, healing and more!  

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Grief + Loss Session

Connecting with a loved one and support during these difficult transitions is just a click away. This is a compassionate and delicate reading, assisting you in all ways healing and light.

White Lily

You get the chose on whether or not you choose to connect to your loved ones, who have crossed. It's supportive, but not required in a session with Mindie.

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Medical Intuitive | Healing Session

Mindie's abilities allow her to access & pinpoint profound insights into your entire physical and energy bodies. She is a natural medical intuitive for all ages, including kids. You do not have to stay stuck and frustrated, there are amazing options to assist you on your healing path.

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Your initial call with Mindie, is a 60 minute phone session. She would then determine if a distant healing session is warranted or next steps needed.

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What Clients Say | Repeat Client

"I started working with Mindie Adamos in 2020. During my very first session with her, I was completely blown away by her specificity and accuracy to events happening in my life. I have worked with her continually over the last three years and her ability to accurately predict events in the future, connect with spirit, and provide loving support and guidance always astonishes me. From correctly predicting when my husband and I would find out we were pregnant, to offering medical support to a loved one diagnosed with cancer, to providing regular day-to-day guidance, she truly is blessed and gifted in the services she provides. I have had the pleasure of working with her one-on-one multiple times, in private groups, attended large group gatherings, and private group sessions. The work she does is truly incredible and makes a huge difference. She does it from a place of love and light, and never judgment. I highly recommend Mindie Adamos for anything! Her abilities to support you will be life changing and nothing short of amazing."


Meet Mindie

 Psychic + Medium | Shaman | Spiritual Leader & Beyond

Take everything you know about “Channeling, Psychic or Mediumship work” and throw it out the window. Mindie is everything your heart has desired to bring you into alignment with your soul through love, light, and with Spirit and God. What does that mean?


She channels and speaks to your soul directly, reads your blueprint, your energy and more by way of pure unconditional, love. With extraordinary accuracy, she is the light to help you in all spaces of your journey from healing (physical, mental and spiritual), to love, relationships, wealth, awakening, understanding and more. She connects you to loved ones including pets who have departed and is able to connect all the pieces in a single session. She brings it all together with a touch of flair, fun, laughter & grace that is unlike anything you have experienced.


Mindie is not your "average healer," her gifts are beyond and she prides her work on referals from prior clients, and is extremely proud of her connection to God and the Angels! Specific and accurate guidance, healing that has to be experienced to even believe, and messages and healing tools and support that last a your entire life.


I help women awaken their authentic light and return to their path of
“Who am I really?” Helping the world, back to love, one soul at a time. xoxo Mindie

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