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Mindie changed my life...

Mindie Adamos your positive words and advice definitely changed my life and transformed me from energy skeptic to believer. 


I was awakening on my own but you really helped expedite and facilitate my growth and evolution into a space and positive energy of happiness.


It required me to dig deep and uncover a lot of repressed negative energies and generational patterns I was falling back on as my default energy,... so toxic. 


Anyhow I am now one of your biggest fans and I’d like to express my gratitude and

endorsement of your gifts. 


Maui, Hawaii

Whew... Where to begin. Mindie has consistently been there for me for several years now. I have sought out her spiritual guidance and ability to connect with someone/something that is bigger than all of us, in order for me to find peace and clarity in my life. Her gifts/messages have not always been easy to hear but now I see that this was because I wasn't ready to listen or accept what she was saying, not because she was inaccurate in her messages. Quite the opposite really. Mindie has been able to relate to me and share in my emotional struggles, all while taking the time to explain to me what it is to be patient, forgiving and how to let go of people and things that no longer serve my authentic self. Her gifts have allowed me to really explore who and what I am, my worth in this world and how to have unwavering faith, even in the most trying of times. It's been very helpful to reach out to Mindie countless times and to know in my mind and heart that the messages she shares with me are coming directly from my loved ones. Mindie's gifts have and will continue to change my life for the better. ♥️



Everyone should get to experience her for them self. For any reason, it is worth it.



I hope all is well! I just wanted to update you on baby boy's pediatrician appointment today. His distant healing with you is still a couple days short of one month ago, and I am soooo happy that the pediatrician said that his weight and BMI are ALL ON THE RIGHT TRACK!! She does not agree with the gastrointestinal doctor's recommendation of admitting him and putting him through unnecessary tests, she thinks that was too extreme and harsh for a baby. The new pediatrician is pleased with his growth since the last time she saw him, which was less than a month ago too. He has gained over one pound, which is more than she expected him to gain as his pattern the past few months was even slower than that. We’ve seen such a big difference in the past month and I can’t help but THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done and the advice you’ve given. Baby Boy will always know about his Auntie Mindie! You are truly amazing and we LOVE you!! 


Thank you so much Mindie!

Baby Distant Healing

Ohana Healing

I have known Mindie for almost 3 years now.  She is a blessing from God.  I am so thankful that our paths crossed.  She helped me see the light when I was dealing with a really challenging family issues.   This situation totally through this out of my control.  Me being a mother was the one and only thing that I new for sure that I put all of my being into and nothing could have prepared me for what happened.  I was at a loss.  I went to counseling and that didn’t really help me.  She also helped to give me the tools I needed to move past it.  It was a huge turning point for me, when I felt like there were no answers and no way for me to cope with what I was dealing with. My awareness was opening up during that time and a lot of different things were happening to me that I couldn’t explain or talk with most people about and when I joined her group it was a safe place for me and I realized that there were other were going through some of the same things.  Mindie was the only one that could explain and bring to light what I was going through.

About a year ago I had a 1 on 1 very rare reading with her in Kitty Hawk, NC.  At the time I was suffocating in my current job position and was waiting to hear back from another company that I applied to.  She told me to immediately go out to the dollar store and handwrite a thank you note and send it in the mail to the company.  So, I did and now I am working for that company.  No longer suffocating.  And now I realize after working with this company they believe in hand written notes to give to their clients.  It all makes so much sense.  I am pretty sure that the written letter was the winner.  Also, the company that I was working for previously closed their doors a few months after I started my new job. 

            Recently, my daughter was having some repetitive behavior issues and Mindie gave the tools I needed to help her.   Mindie was my Reiki Teacher and using this practice on my daughter everday like she told me to has helped her in so many ways.  I am so thankful for her and for the Reiki training that I received.  Everything works out for a reason. 

            If you are thinking about having a reading or coaching with Mindie……I say 100000000% you must do it.  I have recommended her to several of my friends and will continue to do so.  

In Person Reading


My book is on the way!!!! THANK YOU  again Mindie for such a beautiful reading---I can not tell you how much better I am feeling!!! and I will be seeing you again!!! love ya!!! 

Phone Reading

New Client

Mindie, I’ve only just recently started following, but I can say without hesitation that you are a beacon of strong healing and wisdom! You have changed my perspective and re introduced calm and collective in my life! I am not fearful and so many of your messages thus far have been AHA moments for me as well as an offering of inner peace and inner intuition reclaimed! I love your wit, realness and your warmth! I would love to keep hearing from you and perhaps work with you on an individual basis:) <3 This emoji magically appeared so it’s coming along with the email ️️


I adore your messages from spirit and thanks for your honesty with how you feel about our Creator !i believe  We need this now more than ever and it’s time for us to get synced ( collectively) 

Social Media


Wow, what can I say about Mindie and her special sent from heaven gifts, a lot actually. I first met her in a small group setting in a yoga studio and was blown away by the messages she was giving to the people that were there. I was so impressed that I booked a private reading with her for me and my girlfriend. It was beyond amazing and more than I was actually expecting. She touched my heart so much with her kindness and joyful spirit that I just couldn’t thank her enough. I felt a connection and ease with her immediately and asked her to come over for a one on one to help me with my dog and some issues we were having, it was one of my most special days of my life. We received healing, messages from spirit, love and laughs. I am overwhelmingly grateful that she came into my life and am so thankful for her and her gifts that she shares with the world. So, thank you Mindie for all that you do and for being a shining light for all those around you.

Reading & Pet Healing

In Person Sessions

I have followed you for a couple of years now and have seen your show at the Mississippi Moon Bar several times. Receiving your Facebook posts and live videos bring me inspiration, purpose, faith, love, and kindness. 

Gallery Reading

Diamond Jo Casino

Mindie has been a very important part of my life for over 10 years now. Mindie and Spirit have guided me through this journey we call life.  When I need guidance, inspiration, motivation, encouragement and profound messages Mindie is absolutely my go to. Mindies extraordinarily accurate details and messages from loved ones, has helped me get through my grieving process after losing my father. She has given me very, very specific details and messages from him that no one would ever know! Hearing from my father and other loved ones gives me the assurance that I am never alone and I'm definitely being watched over and protected. Mindie has given me specific and accurate details about where I would be moving,  dates of grandchildren's births, jobs and opportunities that I have had and so much more.  Mindie is constantly sharing uplifting messages on FB.  Everyday I look forward to what message Mindie will have for me and the rest of humanity.  I can always count on hearing a message that I really need to know. Without Mindie and her messages, guidance, honesty, motivation, healing and love. I know I wouldn't be where I am today. She has awakened me and I want to keep growing. I know I will with all of her love and goodness that she shares. I love ya Mindie! Thank you for all that you do for all of us.

Reading / Healing


Everyone should get to experience her for them self. For any reason, it is worth it.

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