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One Year Investement for 2024 | See all details below


Private Group on Facebook January 1, 2024 - Through December 30, 2024! If you would like to gift 

"Illuminate GOLD 2024" to a friend or family member, you are welcome to do so! If you are interested in the payment plan Mindie offered for curren Salt + Light members, please email mindie directly at


This purchase is your commitment to all rules below, privacy policy as outlined at as well as below. No refunds/no transfers/no exchanges. All sales final.



You Receive

  • 1, 60 minute phone session / month (restrictions apply).
  • 20% discount code (restrictions apply - this is for the paid member only, no gifts cards or gifting allowed. To be used on regular priced 60 minute phone reading and 60 minute distant healing only.)
  • Plus all of the benefits of the bronze and silver program listed on my website (with the updated discount code)
  • Bonus Zoom Group offerings / Teachings / Courses
  • 1 Full Course Per Month | Playback option for typically 30 days.
  • Priority booking above all tiers - no emergency fees
  • Complimentary Facebook Group: you must have facebook and friend request Mindie to be added. Mindie can assist with this after payment processes. You will then receive an email.
  • Healing & Energy discussions/teachings
  • Homesteading + very specifically making plant medicines/healing tools
  • Spirit & Connection
  • Gardening and Foraging
  • Faith and Spirituality
  • Preserving
  • Packed with Laughter, love and light ---- this is truly going to be a group that allows you to make huge shifts, learn a ton and just allow some new breakthroughs.
  • Brand new with Mindie or a veteran, you are sure to fill a journal with some incredible insights.

There will also be bonuses such as: Healing messages from Spirit + Distant  Group Healings, Meditation + Sound Healings. It will be about action my friends. Action, with real results when you do the work. 


Participants will receive ongoing service discounts (restrictions apply), bonuses and VIP scheduling in some cases as well. There is no required attendance, and only those who have paid for Illuminate will be available to join!


Privacy + Policies

There are no refunds, sharing of content, no transfers, no exchanges. Mindie reserves the right to refuse service to any persons at any time. Those who pay will be given one warning via email for any of the following and then removal of the event with no further explanation.


There are hundreds of thousands of groups online free for anything you can think of. This is a space for healing, love and truths. It's about getting you all simple, practical step by step tools to love, alignment and deepening your connection to the land, spirit and yourself.


Non-Negotiables for Illuminate / Zooms

1) no selling of any products or services within the group.

2) no outside links, books or social links of any kind that are not pre-approved by Mindie should be shared within the group.

3) zero tolerance policy for contacting members privately or friending with the intention to gain business / reach for professional or personal gain.

4) not stating your private businesses or modalities for the purpose of gain or referring business to family members.

5) no hate speech, constant complaining, negativity or prayer chains

6) no politics, debates, or religion debates - we will be discussing some gray topics in a loving space.

7) no product recommendations of any type - Mindie will afford the opportunity to hold these discussions.

8) Over commenting - this is a real thing. We are not creating a space where people need to like, comment, emoji everything. We are creating a space that isn't just another group and through simplification, we alleviate overwhelm. 

9) Group members will be "taught" how to fish so to speak, so other members should honor this traditional teaching method from Mindie and her practices. This is a strong energy that Mindie is putting into practice with this group, probably more than ever before.

10) Be open to new everything!


Once your payment processes. You will receive an email with a welcome message and next steps to be added into the private group. Group Begins 1/1/24! Mahalo Nui!

Gold Illuminate | 2024

  • All customers must have a current (as of December 1, 2023) online privacy policy form completed. This will also be linked in your welcome email which arrives after purchase. 


    no refunds/no returns/no exchanges

    all rights reserved.

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