Flora Reiki Training & Certification *** Rare training opportunity on the Full Moon ***


  • ZOOM Training (Online)
  • March 28, 2021
  • Noon - 3pm HST (Hawaii Time)
  • Recording Available for Playback for approximately 48 hours only, after course
  • Certificate of Training/Completion is provided after your personal attunement
  • Flora Reiki is a proprietary teaching and attunement is specific to Mindie's Shaman Lineage


Mindie Adamos is not only an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Founder/Creator of Flora Reiki, she is a professional Psychic Medium & Shaman Healer. Join her in this exclusive online training event!

Now offered online from Oahu, Hawaii on Zoom!


Reiki I & II Training and Certification with Mindie is a Prerequisite for this Course.


Flora Reiki is a complimentary healing modality that adds the use of Flowers/Florals and Herbs to Reiki Healing for amazing healing benefits. Flora Reiki is a proprietary Healing modality, with it's own Attunement & Certification process. Once certified, you can use it for personal healing with self and others, or upcharge another healing modality! Combine with Reiki, Massage & Other Healing Services.


When combining your Reiki healing practice with the amazing, and life changing elements of the Aina (Mother Earth/Land) it is an experience for both the practitioner and the client/recipient like never before experienced. Messages come forth in this form of healing as well to assist the client or recipient of Flora Reiki with their spiritual and physical healing ongoing.  Flora Reiki can be used with adults, kids, pets, spaces and even those trying to conceive or pregnant. 


Reiki is an ancient healing technique used all over the world for healing self and others (as well as pets). As a form of "Energy Healing" the technique used is the "laying of hands" over self or the person receiving the Reiki healing.


Reiki is known to help pain, anxiety, and fatigue. Assist and heals depression and severe anxiety, enhances quality of life, boosts your mood, deep relaxation, sleep patterns/insomnia, nausea, pain management, headaches, migraines and other chronic illness/disease.


Online Event Zoom Event

(Approx 3 hours)


If you miss any part of the call or training, no refunds, exchanges or transfers.


This will be an invaluable experience given Mindie's natural abilities as a Psychic Medium & Shaman Healer & Usui Reiki Master Teacher.


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Email with questions: mindieadamos@gmail.com


No Transfers/No Refunds/No Exchanges

Flora Reiki March 28, 2021

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