• No Gift Cards Available - Unless previously discussed with Mindie & Management Team. Please email to discuss. 
  • Please review wait times, some exceptions are available based on your flexibility and times zones! In persons are available in Dubuque, Iowa and in cities listed when Mindie is on Tour across the USA. Use this option for both phone and in person sessions.



Wellness Channeling & Coaching Sessions: These topics will include you and your family with the following topics in mind. This option is not available for connecting to Spirit, jobs, relationships, financial, past lives, dreams, family matters not relating to wellness etc. 


Please email with any questions you may have about this type of session!


  • Physical, mental and spiritual wellness
  • Family healing and wellness
  • ADHD / Autism or any special needs for you and your Ohana
  • Illnesses including new diagnosis
  • Sensitivity to energy and its impacts on your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing
  • Inflammation and Disease
  • Reducing toxins loads
  • Raising sensitive kids
  • Healing of physical / energy body 
  • Nourishing foods (Healing Foods / Replacement Options)
  • Interpreting wholistic / natural jargon
  • Herbs / Natural Healing
  • Vibration alignment and healing impacts
  • Lifestyle of balance and intention
  • Sourcing and quality food choices for you



  • No Refunds / No Exchanges / No Transfers
  • If you miss your scheduled appointment, only one reschedule is available, otherwise no refunds. 
  • No video or audio of any type due to confidentiality

60 Minute: Health Channeling/Coaching (Phone/In Person)

$250.00 Regular Price
$175.00Sale Price
  • *Use this option for TOUR In person sessions as well.

    Now Available (Phone Only) Both Talking to Spirit & Life Coaching / Channeling:

    Topics Include: Connecting with loved ones, including pets that have crossed over. Also Psychic type questions regarding past, present, future, past lives: career, relationships, family matters, finances and more.

    At a cross roads, need guidance/channeling on Career, Relationships, Family Matters, Finances and all the other areas of life pesonally and professionally? You are now able to receive all the messages from Spirit including Mindie's unique abilities to read your energy blueprint and provide healing messages and guidance! All readings include a healing that is done while you are being read. It's an overall amazing experience with specific and accurate messages that will change your life. 


    No Refunds / No Exchanges

  • No Refunds / Transfers / Exchanges