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Why I'm making a HUGE Change!

I’m going to make this as short and sweet as possible. This is a very personal decision, but I'm finally ready to share! Read all the way the bottom, because there are many changes listed below as well.

I’ve been a Professional Psychic Medium for almost 9 full years, healer and a Professional Shaman and Reiki Energy Healer and Teacher for almost 5. In the past 9 years, I have neither fitted in fully with any group, and that’s okay, that’s on purpose but over the last several years particularly, I have really wanted to be distant from groups that are associated with Psychic Mediums, Clairvoyants, witches etc. Here is where it gets interesting. I have also been told that I would use Psychic Medium as my titling, even though my gifts are beyond those titles. My God has always told me, that I would use those titles until further notice. Well after years of trying to not be associated with all the low vibration energy associated with many of those titles, my hi five from God has finally happened.

So after 9 years, I will be moving away from Psychic Medium Shaman Healer, and more align with my personal beliefs and God given abilities, which stretch far beyond that of many psychics and mediums, I’m over the moon excited.

I have made it public and always amongst my clients, friends, family and new acquaintances, that I’m different. I didn’t choose this path of being a professional channel for God or Spirit. I cannot always explain why my gifts are different, yet over the years God has made it very clear.

So you will notice in all areas of my business and personal life, I will no longer use the terms, but i’m at the core, every bit still offering readings, healings, teachings, miracles and so much more. I am now Mindie Adamos who has a very rare gift from God and I’m here to share my gifts with the world even further. I can just break away those chains and boxes.

I cannot thank each of you enough for ongoing love, support and encouragement, and I want to make something crystal clear (pun intended.)

I’m not doing this because I don’t believe in my gifts and abilities, I’m not doing this because of a BUSINESS decision, in fact I’m doing it because business in the last 3 years has been beyond miraculous, personally and professionally. There is the phrase that we make the most beautiful changes when you are at the lowest and when you are at the top, well folks I consider this an at the top move, because I could not have made a more critical decision if I wasn’t absolutely, at the core trusting and believing in myself, my business and for the amazing clients I have around the world. 2019 has personally, professionally, physically, emotionally and yes financially, the best years yet!

Again, thank you for sharing this past 9 years, I know the next 9 will be even more free, healing and full of love.

On a final note, please email me: with ANY feedback, questions, or comments or testimonies. xoxo Mindie

P.S. A few other important changes. I will no longer be offering Fearful Heart Podcast, I'm moving 100% of my efforts and energy to YouTube which has been a lifetime goal of mine @mindieadamos on YouTube. I will also be focusing a ton on Instagram @mindieadamos and my FREE private facebook Group, join by clicking on my website and click on the banner! Lastly, I will be using my @xoxomindie on Instagram for ALL my personal endeavors, joys as a homeschooling mama, my amazing Ohana, all things love, food, fashion and art!

"I truly love you all and I feel so free since making this huge decision to to remove myself from a seemingly dark energy that thinks what I do is “trendy, cute and aspired to be like. My job on earth to pave a new energy path for healers, true healers while helping each of you understand you loved beyond measure from God, you are unbelievably capable of living a life of joy, healing and well being and edging God out, doesn't align with my soul's mission. I let God in, and that's been the biggest miracle of all."

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