What we experienced with flu + 2021/22

Christmas Day 2021 we were about 9-10 days in and don't let a picture fool ya, we felt pretty awful (lol) but nothing stops a Mama from getting her Ohana under the tree for at least 1 pic! We also believe that managing other Ohana and their journeys prolonged our own personal healing as stress and other factors greatly impacted me/Ed.

I will keep this short and intentional as there is a lot of energy that can attach.

5 Things to keep in mind from Spirit and I as you read forward on this BLOG.

  • Spirit does not support the terms cov 19 nor will we ever. Bio weapons (This is complex) yes.

  • Spirit does however know there are bioweapons created and being dispersed in various forms. (Only videos on my YouTube and Facebook pages will cover all of this as more. I will no longer speak about it publicly because the energy is too much darkness. We do however discuss all of this in more in private readings if you have questions.) I've spent almost 2 years sharing, warning, planting seeds, and publicly preparing all.

  • Noone is exempt from shedding/run off, or darkness associated with the evil being shed into this work. Do not forget, the dark is loud and proud, but never wins.

  • The body is meant to upgrade F L U ... frequency light upgrade. Upgrades are a built in aspect of the systems, chronic illness or regular sickness is a result of imbalances in the physical, spiritual and energy bodies. All humans upgrade knowingly or unknowingly.

  • You can experience an upgrade (physical, spiritual and emotional), while healing other areas of your path/journey. It's not one dimensional, rather multidimensional healing if you allow it.

We experienced a combination of pneumonia, flu and run off /shedding impacts. It's different for everyone, and we are regaining energy/strength daily but didn't want anyone to not have accessible to some of the strong healing tools we used.

Overall we went through common (rough FLU/COLD) symptoms. Fatigue being prominent, head aches, fever, body aches etc. I experienced excruciating hip pains that I have never experienced before in life, let alone this magnitude. I have never had nor have a history of even back pain, so this was incredible spiritual to move through. Ed (we have now learned) had more breathing issues due to testosterone. (Thankful for Dr. James) Overall just having no energy, cough, fatigue and lower energy was tough. Ed also had temps a little longer/higher, but aligned with severe, Flu/Cold and Pneumonia.

I will now jump over to healing options!

  • Get activated: We couldn't be more thankful that our symptoms and path with all of this could have been way worse. We believe that being on Protandim NRF2, NRF1 and NAD (Called Tri-synergizer) truly helped us move through all of this more seemlessly than had we not been activated. We also used "Daily Wellness" daily for Vitamin C, D and Zinc.

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  • Do yourself a favor and link up and get into the system with Dr. Mollie James (Yes you can tell her team I referred you.) Spirit 100% had me remember that Mollie was working on front lines since day 1 and I finally reached out. That was incredibly important to our healing path. By Day 1 and 2 of Iver----mectin and zpac, we were well on our way to fuller healing.

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  • We of course had Prayers / Energy Healing sent daily. We used essential oils, crystals and many other natural healing modalities. We believe in Eastern / Western balance as well as miracles, all of which we contribute to our healing path. We did Epsom salt / baking soda and essential oil baths/showers.

  • We had Liquid drinks daily with: Vitamin D, B12, The Oil of Oregano, Homemade Elderberry/Aronia Berry /Elder Flower, homemade hydroxychloroquine (Peels of oranges, lemons and grapefruit - all organic) We took a small dose of echinacea elderberry tincture as well until that ran out.)

  • We drank healing teas daily with organic local honey. Teas included by not limited to: Pine Needle (white), Lemongrass, Wild Lettuce, Lemon Balm, Red Clover, Dried Orange/Lemon and Lim Slices.

  • We did 2 separate, IV infusions at VIVE IV THERAPY in Dubuque, Iowa

  • We ate 100% organic, homemade meals, soups, broths etc (I attribute such healing to eating homemade, blessed or Aina based meals.)

  • Supplements: Below is the regimen we took daily for 10 days + and slowly weaning off

  • DIY Raven Chest Rub - we used on our chest, back and feet twice daily or more sometimes. (I don't know the person on this flyer, but my sweetest friend Carrie Blessen brought this over, and we are so in love and will keep this on hand always.)

We hope that you find healing in these tools, and of course you are always welcome to purchase a session for you or a loved one, if you find a need to discuss healing options and solutions of all kinds.

Final mahalos to all of those who participated and continue to participate in our healing to 100%. We are so eternally grateful and appreciate each of you.

xoxo Mindie / Edward

We don't claim to treat, mitigate or cure anything, ever.

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