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What is Enlightenment, Ascension or Awakening anyway? - Mindie Adamos

Enlightenment, Awakening, and Ascension are all common words for changing from a fear based reality and 3D world to love based, or Christ Consciousness based world, and those are often referred to as 5th Dimension or 5D worlds.

Many of you are experiencing change, shifts, you are question everything from your life purpose to your life partners, you are doubting yourself yet beyond certain there is more to life and the rules you were raised with. Many of you have children talking about their loved ones in heaven they have never met, and also discussion attributes of thins such as past lives and also questioning the rules of the world today and asking tough questions. You all are feeling things so deeply, you are awakening old feelings, it causes confusion, you are satisfied any longer, you get bored easily and things offend you that you never thought was possible. You know things you feel like you shouldn’t, your dreams are incredibly weird, vivid and even accurate, and well, you are just depressed, full of anxiety and worry and it’s costing you, your peace of mind. Welcome to ascension.

Many folks thought the world was ending 12/21/12 when the Mayan calendar seemingly ended, but the vibration reality is, the world did end. The 3D (third dimension world) did end that day for many of us. We all come into this earth plane with lessons to learn, there are waves of us who come at different times as teachers, leaders, wayshowers, and everyone is a healer in their own way.

As a wayshower, channeled and Shaman I wanted to give an overview, or foundational level experience to show you a bit of what’s happening and why, and then start to share ways to heal through these changes. For instance, this isn’t going away, change that is, it is a personal choice but if you are reading this, it’s because you are ready to finally make those changes and step forward onto your path of awakening.

What awakening is vs. what it is not.

What it is .....

1) It’s hard work

2) It’s love but it feel like sadness, hurt, pain, sadness and more

3) It can feel very isolating and lonely

4) It is very personal to you

5) It requires focus, consistency and sure honesty with yourself and others

6) It is traumatic at times

7) It brings up old wounds / hurts and can invoke feelings you have blocked out completely

8) It can cause confusion, doubts and feel like steps backward

9. It often requires you to move out of friend and family circles, especially when they are choosing to not awaken

10. It can be all consuming unless you balance it out with other activities

11. It take letting go of control

12. It includes connecting to your faith differently

13. It can be costly financially if you seek constantly from outside of you, vs looking within. *more on this

14. It can cause a disconnect if you are not careful between your partner or spouse.

15. It will require you to drop the ideals you once thought your life would look like

16. It does require food changes and often shifts from caffeine and alcohol

17. It’s beginning again and again and again, and never giving up

18. It’s honesty and dedication

19. It’s quieting the mind in a world of chaos

20. It’s questioning everything and going within your own heart for the truth

21. Physical changes, illness, mental and spiritual changes are ALL common and in some cases, it case even be started through a diagnosis or illness of someone close to you

What it is not .....

1) It’s not pure joy and happiness

2) It’s not eating a vegan meal

3) It’s not dancing in flowing dresses

4) It’s not traveling the world pretending everything is perfect and blissful

5) It’s not a certain body shape or size

6) It’s not meditation 24/7

7) It’s not surrendering your every being to helping others and leaving yourself behind

8) It’s not spiritual bypassing

9) It’s not leaving your human responsibilities to others, while you float around high on life

10) It’s not removing you from accountability

11) It’s not being high on magic mushrooms and telling everyone and everything you love them

12) It’s not promising enlightenment to others through special services

13) It’s not cord cutting and chakra alignments, especially not this

14) It’s not WOO WOO

15) It’s not being broke

16) It’s not living with nothing or the minimalist requirements of 3 shirts and 1 pair of shoes

17) It’s not helping the world and losing your soul

18) It’s not just about God

19) It’s not ascending like everyone else around you

20) It’s not about traveling to another country to hold a Guru’s hand

21) Drinking something spiritual or healing the inner child

Walking and living in a world of unconditional love takes a renewed, daily focus on what’s important to you and your journey. It’s going to be exhausting on some days and completely joyful and liberating on others. When we talk about living a life with unconditional love, it’s about remembering who we are, vs. learning something new. It’s not enough anymore to just pay bills and die.

We will talk more this week about vibration and energy. Step 2 in the ascension process is learning how to shift and even align your vibration as a key step in your awakening journey. That will come shortly in another BLOG. Until then, read and please share with your loved ones who are experiencing all of the above. You just never know you are helping!

I work with many families and even kids, so please subscribe to the BLOG, follow me on Instagram @xoxomindie and join my FREE PRIVATE Facebook Group by visiting the home page of my website.

Welcome to ascension, more on vibration and energy this week!

xoxo Mindie

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