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What is Alignment anyway?

In a Modern Spiritual world, we throw a lot of terms around. Alignment being one of them. Contrary and an old energy term is “You are so lucky!” which truly is low vibration. You see, it’s not about luck at all, it’s about ALIGNMENT. Always has and always will be. Universal Law, I call it God’s Law or Love Law. Universal Law of Cause & Affect and many others.

I will always give a basic overview of the context in which I write, teach and channel, but at the end of the day, your life your definition.

Here is mine, alignment does not always mean rainbows, it’s the confirmation from God, Spirit and most importantly the feelings that you feel “most” often or the majority that truly gauge your own personal alIgnment. Those are feelings of JOY.

So alignment with what and/or who?

Yourself, your higher soul self that is, and for me It’s God or vibration of Jesus. We are made from the same star dust, energy that creates new world, particles that brings about new life, new galactic spaces and so much more. We are one. This is a not a spiritual concept, this is science. Yup, measured, tested, remeasured the whole nine yards. We are one. So from a basic level, alignment truly is when you are, a majority of the time in that feeling of feeling really good, trusting that God is working in your favor based on your own personal “Book of Life” you are said to be in alignment. This happens in my Readings often. I can give specific examples in your personal life that are aligned, and those examples in which you are still learning and in some cases, where you are utterly out of alignment. LOL We are always gentle and caring, and of course always have practical healing advise as well.

So alignment being a term that is thrown around often, suggests oneness, bliss, euphoria, and really truly though, if you are NOT in contrast a great portion of your life, you are no longer learning, expanding or healing. So in turn, alignment can still be feelings of joy, love, patience, understanding and growth WHILE you are in contrast. Below, I will list some practical activities to start practicing alignment, or feelings of alignment.

In no particular order: Your greatest changes of alignment are through another term I use hourly And that is Vibration. High vibration thoughts, feeling emotions and actions are then best catalyst to alignment.

- Start your day, with affirmations before you get out of bed. Declaring gratitude and blessings, or even intentions for the day. (Statements of already happening or speaking into existence. “I am ___________ fill in the blank!”

- During morning routine, do not watch TV, instead play high vibration music such as instrumentional, uplifting meditation, or in my personal favorite, gospel / christian music.

- Give thanks to 3 things in your life. Let’s avoid the basics like family, health, God knows this, try something a little deeper, more personal.

- Eat nourishing foods and beverages. Remember, what you put into your body, scientifically impacts your mood, thoughts, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing for that day, and of course ongoing.

- Listen to something positive if you have a commute, talk radio shows and familiar music doesn’t awaken or enlighten your vibration. Most of you are so stuck in your routine, and your life shows that through feelings of not being in alignment. This is not high vibration. Change is good! Try getting up 15 minutes early to meditate. Or at every stop light, pray. Or putting your phone away to avoid interruptions in your high vibration audio book you are listening to. The Secret is a top recommendation.

- Avoid gossip, office talk and office politics

- Avoid, when possible having important family discussions before you even leave the house. Save those for after you have calmed your energy, and appropriate time is set aside for such discussions.

- Drink plain water, fluoride free throughout and add lemon, limes, cucumber or herbs for healing.

- Avoid answering texts immediately from those who don’t bring you joy.

- Remove notifications from your phone and/or set time for social media activities.

- Remove games from your phone

- Put phone away during meal time.

- Meditation

- Move your body, even if you go for a walk around your house.

- Pray to God

Gosh, I could go on and on, but man this should give you a great start. Pick 1-2, yes ONLY 1-2 and commit to these in your heart.

It takes 66 days on average to instill a new habit. Don’t wait until 2020. You are best in alignment, but implementing one new pattern today.

Be sure to email me: with any new topics you want me to share in the future!

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xoxo Mindie

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