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What Happens to Bad Guys/Girls: Serial Killers, Murderers, & Others

Follow up from my last BLOG POST regarding your "Book of Life": This is a follow up question that I received from Facebook.

"That's an amazing thing to think about, but for me it's a hard one to swallow. What about those who are serial killers, gang members, drug dealers etc? Is it that they just didn't have God/higher power in their life?"When Souls incarnate and write their book of Life, they do not typically fill in the blank, "rapist or serial killer." They are typically led down paths of darkness by the very own low vibration energy, mental illness (which again is usually manifested) and sometimes coupled with darker energies in their energy. What's hard about each evil act, is that their story / energy is very individual and while there are trends there are many energetic factors that come into play. For example, someone being molested, I have seen this in their contract before. Generation after generation these energies are passed along, including this unthinkable act. If healing does not happen on both the victim and the perpetrator, then it continues. When humans who have lived a life of horrific and tragic life of pain, (insert any of the individuals you put on that list) and when they die, they go to the light. The light may look and feel a little different to them, because they get to experience what they have in their hearts upon passing. If they have hate, fear, control, or anything of this level of un-love, they may experience things like the feeling of a "hell" but that's not at all where they truly are. These individuals are taken through a life review that is much different than souls who live without these unthinkable acts. Their life review, is done differently. They review it with and through all of the pain, devastation, hurt and beyond they caused each and every person affected (that could be a dozen or millions). Whereas, John who lived a life of drinking and smoking and didn't love himself, but committed no crime, would be able to review without all the earthly emotions. When they are unthinkable killers in the physical world, they cross the veil, and they are surrounded by Angels, Educators, Healers and so much MORE in Heaven. Their reincarnation process, would obviously look very different as well. *Note: They are also very old souls who incarnate and are involved in what's called "wild cards." This again, is a whole other post, because this is about "change and healing" the world has consciously brought about, but in a world of pain, most people view wild cards as devastation. (When in fact, if you knew what Spirit and I channel and what other in - tune New Energy channelers channel, more people could sleep at night with our current president selection.) This will come in time, another BLOG post I mean. What we need to remember, every single person/child is born LOVE, the most unconditional, pure and perfect love. This is where control was put in place hundreds of years ago, about someone being born "dirty" and "unloved" and you must earn that love back. This couldn't be farther from the truth, and Jesus, just one of our Ascended Masters speaks of this often. When souls get "lost" from hate, pain, fear, addiction, mental illness and more, they do unthinkable things. This is NOT in their contract, this pain and free-will. This is where it gets very complicated, and if it resonates with your heart, great, if not that is okay too. There are souls, who contract to "vanish, leave mother earth unexpectedly, pass away in large groups and so on. They choose to end their contract in ways humans mostly, do not understand." Groups of souls, incarnate to heal others, and sometimes that is through tragic events, like Tsunami. I hope this provides a layer of understanding. It's not something you wake up tomorrow and all of the sudden have compassion for a Fella who dog fights and kills pets. It is however, meant to shift a vibrational pattern in your energy of compassion over time. I leave you with this thought. I once had a angry step mother, angry, verbally bashed her step-children's mother. Was upset just to tell a story about what a horrific mother or lack there of was to her now step-children she is raising because the mother has passed. Spirit's message to her was: Your anger and pain, is not with their Mother. Your pain comes from a recent past life, where you were that Mother and in this lifetime, you have incarnated to be in that receiving role or opposite role to see how much compassion you hold in your heart. See, it's a reflection of her own journey, her own pain and that woman who passed, was simply doing her part, in this step-mother's contract to help her learn, teach and heal. That old soul, who the world viewed as a B word, awful, horrible and ruined her kids mental health, was a teacher in this lifetime. We all go to the light, it's what you do in that light that is the difference between evolved souls and un-evolved souls. Life is more than what we could ever imagine, but I hope piece by piece, you start to reveal your own awakening through these sharings. xoxo Mindie 2018 USA Harmony Tour 6/9/18 - 9/14/18 See Me In Person in a State Near You!
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