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TIPS for hybrid education and home education

Part II

You might still be feeling some sort of way about part I but here are some practical options and guidance for your next many years in education, regardless of what method you choose or perhaps feel forced into.

  • Co-ops offer a myriad of options some are public, some private and in many cases there will be some of you reading this that will make your own! What we mean by this term, are ways you and others can support varied education styles. (Not just at home education.) Co-ops an look and feel like specialty groups.

  • For example, maybe you are already really good with kids, and have every Sunday free, so you decide that the first Sunday of every month you will engage so many students in person or online to learn and have fun. The subjects are unlimited. Crafts, music, theater, core subjects, yoga, mindfulness, creative arts, history, life skills (cooking, gardening, housekeeping, pet sitters) I mean guys, there are a million ways to go about this.

  • It can be regular, weekly sessions. Some of you may have the passion and freedom to host this at a local church or venue for no charge. Maybe a local yoga studio offers space, at no charge because they want to contribute to the betterment of their community and children. Maybe a local restaurant is closed 2 days per week and they offer Space for free or to make foods, while learning to donate.

  • Come together, with ohana, locals and community to assess your needs

  • Alternating at home or hybrid learning with Ohana or Friends. Support one without pulling in grandparents 100% of the time. See above for options as well.

  • Send your kids to school/pre-school - remember, for many this is an option

  • Seek out knowledge about private and/or Montessori schools

  • Join homeschooling groups for possible play dates, group activities and again new tools you have not yet thought about giving your limited time to process all of this.

  • Start your own Montessori

  • Start your own home education / hybrid education group on Facebook to intentionally align other ideas and solutions in your community.

  • Hold an open conference for parents and experienced online educators to vet out fears that you may have

  • Speak up - ask for help, it will not only align your vibration with love, it will feel really empowering.

  • Breath, pray and mediate

  • Be honest with your kiddos, and remind them, you are doing your best and you will all come together more than every before to heal. Your 5th grader is not going to “miss out” on anything unless you compare their journey. Remind them, this is our new world coming together. Prom doesn’t define you, your grades do not define you, and we will move forward and celebrate milestones in new ways.

  • Get creative and remember that many choices are only temporary and that your path will light up with guidance, love and healing when you start asking for help!

  • Contact local community colleges for college age kids who are going to get distant learning at a fraction of the cost vs. elite college names.

  • Create support groups even in your neighborhood to support kids playing outside together, in a safe way, that doesn’t allow violence, bad words and even bullying. Nieighborhood watch groups don’t have to be just for violence and crimes, it can be about supporting Ohana in all areas of life.

  • Create online meetings with kids with experts in certain fields like finance, credit, applications, resumes, and accounting as a way to prepare them for real life experience. Again, is your best friend an investor or work at a bank? Have them host a zoom call with students in need for free. Are you a seamstress, welder, baker or avid fisherman? Man think of the life skills that some kids don’t get simply because parents aren’t interested in those subjects, don’t know how to show them or plain and simple don’t want to. The sky is the limit here.

  • Create a newsletter that highlights areas that are healing, working and what your community is enjoying in these changes.

  • Swap, maybe you have some to offer another business owner and swaps are fair trade!

  • Try different methods of schooling, open your heart to different styles

  • Open your heart to the new possibilities of simplified lives

  • Look at everything you do as an investment of mind, body and spirit

  • Connect with local churches you feel connected to for some new world possibilities (school, course work, mentors, and guides)

  • Have your child mentor and/or tutor specific subjects. They gain confidence, experience, resume building, leadership and teaching skills, soft skills and so so so much more.

  • Pay a college student or retired teacher to support your path so you don’t feel alone. You don’t have to do it all, but you do have lots of options.

  • Consider working part time so you don’t feel stressed about your new journey.

  • Consider working split shifts to accommodate the needs of your family

  • Consider leaving your job and weigh the pros and cons of childcare costs, savings etc by moving into a new paradigm

  • Consider opening a country homeschool in an old building or church, or in your home.

  • If your child/children has special needs (again depending on your needs), consider tele-therapy, one on one specialists, group therapy, small group therapy with professional at local yoga studio once per month, or hiring a student in training who is graduating soon to be of assistance and who can customize their plans for your ohana.

  • Make a list and share with friends FREE or reduced resources

  • If you are a business owner, consider placing a tab or something on your website with resources as well. [Add a BLOG etc]

This is not all encompassing, but it’s a wonderful conversation starter for you and your loved ones.

Please email if you have others you have tried, learned from or would like to add.

I will keep this list fluid and updated as often as possible.

Be kind to your heart, your kids love you, and you can make these changes for the best for all I assure you.

When done in love, there is no wrong. Only lessons of love.

xoxo Mindie

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