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Thoughts becoming beliefs. Awakening in 2020!

It’s 2020 guys, by now you have heard on trend comments, books, studies or more with the energy of “Mindfullness, Law of Attraction, Change your Thinking and you can Change your Life” and many others. The good news is, it’s not a trend, the not so great news is, it’s here to stay and you either onboard with new world energy or you can get stuck, and I mean really stuck.

Every single day, my work as a Shaman who channels and heals deeply in your unconscious and conscious, if you aren’t willing to challenge your old belief systems and shake up your paradigm, shift into the new energy alignment you will be greatly missing out on all forms of love which includes healIng. When we begin the awaking process, it typically starts with a series of questions / observations like:

  • What am I really doing with my life?

  • I’m not fulfilled in my work life and/or personal life.

  • I no longer agree with (fill in the blank) life choices, or systems, or beliefs I was raised on.

  • This doesn’t seem right to me.

  • I cannot take this anymore, it breaks my heart.

and many others which start to really process through your head. Basically, you start questioning everything. You tired of the same old, same old. I hear people say, I’m annoyed at everything and everyone. I feel like i’m having a mid life crisis.

Yes, there are scientific studies that show all of this, but that’s not who Spirit and I are. We are here to simplify what’s happening, and more importantly get you on a path of well being, balanced living. I’m here to tell you, yes it is possible. Balanced living is not a destination, it’s a journey. Alignment and awakening, when done mindfully is absolutely possible through intentional living. Meaning, you don’t have to suffer any longer, you really can live a beautiful, joyful and abundant journey. It’s going to cost you however, for many of you, your old belief systems to be shattered and challenged on nearly every level.

Mid life crisis you say? It’s actually your awakening. No matter when it happens, it’s your mid-life awakening (age does not matter). When you start the awakening journey, it marks an energy of then and now, before and after. It’s quite literally the mid point of your earth incarnation vibrationally. Your belief systems will be questioned, shifted, awakened, and re-illuminated. (No questions about this, it’s messy by the way. It’s painful, seriously not for everyone.) I have many clients, mid-awakening and throw in the towel. It’s not personal, it’s vibration. You cannot force someone to do something they are not ready for.

Thoughts over time + including your own thoughts swayed by how you were raised, society and what past life’s you have experienced = belief system (Period) Until you shift obviously. Let’s be honest, most pendulums are far beyond how you were raised and that’s a whole other BLOG. Meaning, you try so desperately to NOT live the way you were raised, that you overcorrect all the fear and match it with more fear. Law of attraction is just that, law of vibration, law of love. If you do everything in your power to avoid fear, you are attracting more fear. One tiny example of this, are nearly every single person I work with who is awakening, and who was raised in a strict Catholic environment has shut God out completely and with anger because of how they were raised. Now as young adults and adults, they despise everything connected to a bible or church. Pendulum went swinging the complete opposite and it has now caused more issues than ever. It’s possible to love what it taught you and love it in a new way.

It is said you have 12,000 - 60,000 thoughts per day, on average 80% are negative and 95% are the same old thoughts repeating. I don’t do science studies on my clients, but I can tell you this for sure. I have channeled, coached, managed for 25 plus years in all capacities. My clients since becoming a professional healer are all strongly connected intuitives, empaths and healers in different capacities and their numbers would be even higher. Meaning, they are way above average on any statistic related to energy, thoughts and negative energy patterns. Your belief systems, thoughts over time are engrained in your mind and start causing you a great deal of anxiety and over time depression. Habits and experiences out of fear cause great impacts on your ability to live in authenticity, joy and abundance. (Law of Attraction - What you think about, you bring about more of that.) Negative thought patterns of any kind, suppressed over time causes bias, addiction (shopping, alcohol, drugs, sex and more.), resentment, racism, control issues including workaholics and OCD. From here, your energy body blocks up, backs up, explodes and shrinks and you get disease/physical signs of fear.

Healing Opportunities

When you examine your life gracefully, you can very quickly make a list on two columns of paper. One column your life today, and column two is the life you truly desire. This includes but not limited to mind, body, spirit and both personal and professional goals.

In every single case, we can review with total honesty that your thoughts, which become actions, which become habits, which become beliefs are what are holding you back from achieving your best life. It’s not rocket science, truly. It’s taking an honest inventory of every area of your life and reviewing, again gracefully what needs attention. What thoughts, remember 85% negativity is keeping you from living your best life. What are you saying out loud, and more importantly what are you saying silently every single day that is keeping you stuck. In this honest review, you will also start to review what beliefs are not even yours. Yes, I said it. Many of your fears and energy layers are result of what you were raised in, living with, what the world shapes you through television, ads and unconscious programming. Lastly another huge energy that contributes to your current life is your past lives. What life lessons and generational patterning are you healing from?

When you start reviewing your life in total honesty, you can heal. When you are willing to take deliberate and intentional steps in your healing, you will heal. When you are willing to bury once and for all, old ways of living, being and thinking you can set yourself free from anxiety, torment, depression, illness and disease. When you are willing to gracefully take a look at your daily thoughts as a source of freedom, you can be free. Journaling, meditation, creative arts, and Mother Nature are a few additional key steps in healing.

Your belief systems engrained are not all your fault, however you are 100% responsible for shifting them, healing them and programming them based on new vibrations of love. You cannot keep blaming others for your life, your circumstances and your thoughts. Ownership is key to change. It’s like saying, I was given the keys to drive this brand new car, but my family made me crash it over and over again. Your thoughts, your life. Your thoughts, your healing. Your thoughts, your results.

If and when you are really ready to do the work, connect with Spirit. Everyone’s blueprint and healing looks different. There are really no two recipes alike. There are however keys to healing that will help you get started. Remembering that it’s a journey, it’s not going to happen overnight necessarily is also key. Start today, start somewhere and allow Spirit and I to guide you in this transformation. Folks are 70% more likely to achieve a single goal when done with a partner. I would say 90% more likely when done with Spirit. You are trying to do so many things alone, and my question is always. How is that working out for you?

Spirit is unbiased, healing, specific and accurate in your souls journey. Invest in yourself. I have few spaces for executive life and business coaching in July. Email to connect.

Until then, get your rough draft lists above done and take the first step to taking control over your life. Your thoughts, your life.

xoxo Mindie

Email: to connect with coaching packages. You can also take advantage of $100.00 regular 60 minute reading price by purchasing a session with Spirit now through 6/30/20 midnight HST (Email required to save and limited spaces available.)

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