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Soul Contracts 101 with Mindie Adamos

What are soul contracts? How do I read mine?

Do’s and Don’ts and more.

One of the most popular questions I get, one of the most popular subjects in Readings, Healings and Channeling is “Soul Contracts.” While this is a huge subject, and I cannot possible tackle this all in one post. I’m going to get you started on the basics.

In basic terms, a Soul Contract is the ”Book of Life” you prewrite before coming to earth. You contract parents, siblings, experiences, partners, friendships, jobs, and life lessons, healing of karmic patterns and more. Yes, you may of heard this before, but your name is preselected, your parents are chosen regardless of adoption etc. You choose many life experiences and yes, the largest one for all old souls (with the exception of New World Kiddos) you choose lessons to learn, heal, grow through and complete.

Your Soul contracts are all of this and more, and it’s done at the highest panel of Angels. I always joke that so many of us, must have walked up to the table, with our Book of Life prewritten and God and the Angels were like, yeah right old soul, that’s too easy and they re-wrote the now life we have. Many of us have chosen paths that would be unthinkable at the time, but the reality is we did.

My other long standing joke, clearly I’m full of them. Is this, ”Did I really, like for real did I sign on that dotted line? Maybe we need to review again Jesus.” I think many of us here on earth question this daily. With that being said, over my 10 years as a professional healer and channeler, there have been years of doubt, but truly now I’m at about an 90% understanding. LOL

Back to Soul contracts!

You choose all of this according to your own personal Blue Print (My terms). Your blue print has everything and more you could ever dream of, and in your readings and healings, I can indeed, with a high high level of accuracy read your specific blue print. I channel the soul, and that soul is everything in this dimension, lifetime and beyond. It’s energy. So your blue print is what holds things like jobs, life lessons, romantic relationships, family, orientation, religious experiences, and literally everything inbetween. Most people get blue prints confused with free will. *Free will simply means you have do whatever, whenever, however you wish. It does not exempt you however from law of cause and effect.

This is where humans get into a spiral of trouble, difficulty, anxiety, worry and even depression. You are constantly “in and trying to control” other’s contracts. You are all up in every one else’s blue prints and contacts and this causes so many issues for you and them.

I will give you one major example: children with addiction. They chose addiction (with underlying life lessons, like abandonment) and you are constantly trying to save them. Yes, it’s a parents undying love, but when you are constantly trying to change their course through actions that absolutely violate their contract, you both are left hurting and not healed. Just one tiny example, with yet a profound outcome when you review it from a higher vibrational perspective.

Another one would be education, for example not the parent of my client who refused collage tuition unless she would be a programmer vs. art major. Contract invaded. To the partner who stays with someone who is addicted to drugs and/or abusive, invaded into each other‘s contracts. Lying to a partner about something, this can invade contracts.

There are so many examples, but this gives you a a sense why you have beaten yourself up trying to change someone. No amount of words, money or opportunity changes a person until they are ready. This is one of the highest healing forms of the Earth School and often, daily you are invading in contracts and wondering why your life hasn’t changed even after mediation and self care. Healing is not just about meditation and eating veggies, it‘s much much deeper and here are some ways you can stop invading in other’s contracts.

Ask yourself this: (How to read your contract?)

What lessons keep repeating in my own life?

What patterns of pain keep showing up in my life.?

What behaviors do I keep repeating and nothing changes?

Who‘s contract hasn’t healed even though I keep giving them money?

Who keeps asking me for money, yet nothing has changed?

Contracts are life long journeys, there is no such thing as one and done. Ask anyone who has recovered, from alcoholism. It’s a forever healing journey and spiral.

Do pray for those you love, gift only healing items with high vibration. Gift your time and making a warm meal, but don’t give money. Even giving them a place to stay, can hinder their progress At times. Each contract is so personal, which is why channeling your blue print and theirs is key. Do get them to church or a place to meditate and pray with you. Add them to a prayer chain, set boundaries and stick to them. Call on Arch Angel Rafael and Arch Angel Gabriel. Call on St. Germain and Mother Mary and of course Jesus.

Sit down for a few minutes, take down and pen and paper and write a few notes about repeat, unhealthy behaviors / lessons you have experienced. Then sit down and write a few for those you are constantly trying to change. You will notice a pattern.

Until next time, Happy Contracting!

xoxo Mindie

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