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Panties in a Bundle or Feeling Somewhere over the Rainbow? Here's Why!

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Photo: Adamos Photography

You are feeling all the feels, and some of the those feels are not awesome and some have you feeling oh so good!

(You, Kiddos & Pets)

I'm writing today, because today is technically the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal Opening & start of the Planetary New Year.

  • There are so many planetary shifts, the moon is almost 100% full, and this Total Lunar Eclipse is another level. While I will briefly summarize why you feel all sorts of "off" I want to remind you that you are not alone, but also this amazing energy has many of us feeling quite amazing too! It's not personal, it's simply where you are. Do not compare your chapter 5 to someone's chapter 9.

  • Physical & Emotional Symptoms: (can be but are not limited to) headaches, migraines, dizziness, vertigo, sleepiness, insomnia, lethargic, panicky, body aches, frequent potty breaks, lost, at a crossroads, emotional outbursts, alone, angry, past emotions coming back and so much more.

  • Spiritual Symptoms: vivid dreams, seeing colors, hearing whispers, ringing in the ears, tingling: fingers, palms, top of head/forehead, and other parts of the body, swirling of energy or wavy feelings, sensitivity to spaces, people & lights, light flickers or visions with lights and so much more!

Your mind, body and soul are shifting into a new vibration. The vibration of planet earth and really the galactic spaces around us and within us, is shifting. Your physical body is a transmitter of truth. If you have been avoiding what's it has been telling you for years, you are going to feel this all, and quite possibly it's not fun. If you have been doing ANY sort of healing work, self care, shifting your priorities, speaking your truth and exploring the love of God, you are probably somewhere in the middle of a total transformation and the hardest work is behind you. (p.s. you can still feel wonky, even though you have done a TON of self work!) If you are reading this all for the first time, you may be coming into a space that feels completely foreign and that's okay too.)

Here are some tips to start, try, try again, and implement as the energy of the "New World" is not going away and you either do the work, or you will ultimately you stay in a 3rd dimensional planet earth. (Again, the not awesome version!)

Self work is 100% voluntary however, you are being pushed for a reason, you are being asked to heal self, so that you can share the gifts within you! Every single person is born perfect, literally perfect and we have listened and operated from a paradigm of fear for hundreds of thousands of years. The time of Christ Consciousness is here. A time of love and compassion. It's optional, but don't block the doors for those doing the work, even within your very own families.

Here are a few tips to heal through the energy shifts of July/August! Whether you feel amazing or not, these ongoing healing tips are timeless!

  • Pray: Say prayers of Gratitude, Prayers of Thanks, Prayers of Love, Peace & Joy. Stop begging God, Angels & the Moon to fix you. This is not prayer, this is fear. Ask the stars to guide you, show you the way, give your the signs and always say prayers for all your dreams and beyond to come true. Also, get clear about your dreams, most of you are very unclear which is why the universe sends you a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Stop praying for money, money doesn't fix the pain. Pray about what you are thankful for and hope for yourself and your loved ones. You can always say "I pray for the highest good for all involved!" This is an all inclusive form of prayer and it works!

  • Healing Crystals: Buy 1-2 or whatever you are guided to. Pray with them, sleep with them, take them to work, in your car, purse, wallet, bedrooms, bathrooms and anywhere else you are guided to. Connect with their energy and thank them for helping you, your family and your spaces. *If you already have crystals, try something new, put them in a new space, pray and meditation with them as well.

  • Meditation: Go to YouTube & Start Somewhere! Type Guided Meditation for Self Healing (Choose something you are guided to!)

  • Music: Turn off the TV and turn up the Music. Pick however 2-3 different genres, that you are not used to listening to. Play music on the way to work, at work, and at home.

  • Grounding: Get your bare feet in Mother Earth. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, it doesn't matter. Start somewhere.

  • Call on Jesus, Mother Mary, Arch Angel Michael, Arch Angel Rafael and St Therese. Pray for clarity, alignment, peace, joy, and love in your love.

  • Movement: Gentle movement, a walk, yoga, swim, bike ride or something gentle. Harmony in your joints and gentle movements within your physical body!

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink water without fluoride (Berkey water is my water system) Add organic lemons, limes, cucumber, and fresh herbs like mint, basil, thyme & rosemary!

  • Rest

  • Eat whole, nourishing foods. Avoid processed as much as possible. Eat light!

  • Turn off electronics, especially 30 minutes before you go to bed. Turn off all electronics unless you are listening to a guided meditation for sleep. When you crawl into bed, you should be in meditation or prayers to Spirit.

  • Avoid big heavy conversations or hashing out anything. You've waited this long, allow the healing over the moon cycle to re-balance your energy.

  • Make a clear list of your intentions to the universe!

Do all of this and more with your pets and your kids. Your kids are 100% more sensitive in the energy than you are. So, if you are wonky, they are typically off the charts. Pick your battles, cook and eat foods that are homemade and light and try to avoid over stimulating situations for all.

May you be healed at the cellular level, in this lifetime and beyond.

Psychic Medium & Shaman Healer

Mindie Adamos

All sources for sharing, must be in tact.

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