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Nourishing Foods - Resources Below

Aloha, so one of my top questions is how to transition to a more nourishing life for me and my ohana? This is a top question as my family is Organic, Plant Based and Mostly Vegetarian (Ace is 100% Pescetarian), tend to grow a lot of food and herbs (slightly slower with our Move to Oahu and starting all over.). We can and pickle foods as well as eat a lot of local foods with vegan focused dishes.

I have been Plant Based Organic/Local for 15+ years, Ed shifted in 2011 when we met, and Ace has been been Organic, Vegetarian (While I was pregnant), and now Organic Plant based Vegetarian Only Cheese for Dairy only, with a little wild caught / seafood (occasionally) and we are all now mostly Gluten Free and have shifted much of our cheese to non dairy too. It's a journey! Yes there are still occasional meat for Ed, or a bite or two for me. It's rare.

I decided to just get this content up, and I will come back and add more as I have time!

My tips and challenging will always tell you to do everything in moderation. Becoming a raw vegan overnight may be your calling, but for 99% of humans, it's not. Meat can be grounding, non organic is okay in moderation, processed foods are not all treated equally and yes vegans can be really really unhealthy too. So start with adds in your life and a couple of swaps. Meaning, take your top 3 most consumed foods and swap to organic, and then add 2-3 new foods that are nourishing as a starting point. Don't wipe out the whole fridge and pantry with the "new me, new vibe" mentality, you will beat yourself up, likely regret it and waste alot of time and money.

Here are the places I follow on Facebook and Instagram is my favorite for following accounts that align with my nourishment goals. Make changes now so that you are not forced later. You will find that everything in moderation is best doing transitions, but you must also have short term and long term goals. Just like with anything else, nothing heals overnight.

Of course following me on Instagram @xoxomindie for all my tips, foodie messages and recipes

I do have an eBook in porgess as well.[0]=AZXMVnP1voTAB4wgZ9hNbM4nnPAoCe7-GMh_bjAQ6GkgGy22zCOkou0yPnyoqNiUr2TyhakX0yfMBzmi7FMLoPWoBNeJeMNX4MCit2BfDHGGLLHYKkDetMIDj2b3XBs7hyj2KH7coePDCa4iLY8JytTspdnRhphOE17q-FczysyzEtO565Jy_-ED-EHJRHcovMw&__tn__=R]-R[0]=AZXMVnP1voTAB4wgZ9hNbM4nnPAoCe7-GMh_bjAQ6GkgGy22zCOkou0yPnyoqNiUr2TyhakX0yfMBzmi7FMLoPWoBNeJeMNX4MCit2BfDHGGLLHYKkDetMIDj2b3XBs7hyj2KH7coePDCa4iLY8JytTspdnRhphOE17q-FczysyzEtO565Jy_-ED-EHJRHcovMw&__tn__=R]-R[0]=AZXMVnP1voTAB4wgZ9hNbM4nnPAoCe7-GMh_bjAQ6GkgGy22zCOkou0yPnyoqNiUr2TyhakX0yfMBzmi7FMLoPWoBNeJeMNX4MCit2BfDHGGLLHYKkDetMIDj2b3XBs7hyj2KH7coePDCa4iLY8JytTspdnRhphOE17q-FczysyzEtO565Jy_-ED-EHJRHcovMw&__tn__=R]-R[0]=AZXMVnP1voTAB4wgZ9hNbM4nnPAoCe7-GMh_bjAQ6GkgGy22zCOkou0yPnyoqNiUr2TyhakX0yfMBzmi7FMLoPWoBNeJeMNX4MCit2BfDHGGLLHYKkDetMIDj2b3XBs7hyj2KH7coePDCa4iLY8JytTspdnRhphOE17q-FczysyzEtO565Jy_-ED-EHJRHcovMw&__tn__=R]-R

Then on Instagram: Just use hashtags #vegetarian #plantbased #plantbasedrecipe #veganrecipes

You will find accounts that you love, follow them! I change mine up often

I will be providing more tips on this soon! In the interim, please stop putting energy into your excuses that everyone is a picky eater. Yes they are nutritional exceptions and exemptions for some, yes it's sometimes a phase but mostly in my healing work with Ohana's it's just old habits and nothing is substantiated once we get into root cases of why you are not meeting your nourishment goals. Nourishment is a lifestyle and choice, and there is alot of misinformation and programming associated with diets that has ruined your energy and pushed you away from basic, common core food energy.

xoxo Mindie

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