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New World Kiddos [Getting Started]

NEW WORLD KIDS (newborn to early 20's but these tips are for everyone!)

Let's Chat Kiddos ... If you are reading this you are a "sensitive" to energy, that means, your kiddos and grandkiddos are TOO! It doesn't skip generations! Here are a few tips to consider and then we will talk way more in depth in my upcoming YouTube Series.

๐ŸŒฟ Tips for Healing Energy in Your Space / Their Space

1) Himalayan Salt Lamps heal for many reasons. Placing in a room you sleep AND in a room you spend the most time in.

2) Diffuse "Quality" essential oils (I use Young Living/Doterra)

3) Play more music and less TV [meditation and soothing sounds, acoustic and instrumental. Also have faith based music.]

4) Mostly organic/plant based [locally or self grown] will help will all illness/symptoms

5) Colored Dyes in Foods are extremely harmful to sensitives, you and especially kiddos / teens (red is the absolute harshest but all are toxic to sensitives.)

6) High fructose corn syrup is beyond harmful in many ways, mind, body and spirit

7) Using open ended questions helps when talking to them. If you ask a yes / no question, you will get a yes/no answer and more likely a head nod or head shake (They dislike talking usually, about feelings especially!)

8) Your healing is critical to theirs, yup you heard it here first. If you don't heal, no matter what you try to do or say to them, they will not. It's contractional, part of what you all signed up for. You must learn to "show" them, not just tell them.

9) Co-sleeping: stop fighting it. You all are tired. Every single new world child is different and no two are alike. Many require co-sleeping in early and mid ages because you are a safety net to their energy. I also give the example, you are like the bumper pads at the bowling alley. You all can still bowl, but it's going to be messy when they are energy sensitive and you have the tools to help guide them and protect them.

10) Routines are important. They need quality family time, no matter the activity.

11) Loud noises and light sensitivity is a real thing. Turn down lights and sounds, don't force it!

12) Eating, they DO NOT require alot of food when it's quality. Regardless of how you were raised, the light body does not require the same types of foods or the quantities you think.

13) Sensitive tummies are a real issue, and water without fluoride is a non-negotiable in the new world energy. (I use the berkey system) but you can google "water without flouride added" and you can have your home water tested. (you will be shocked, just warning you!)

14) Get them outside with mother earth, grounding meditations, yoga and even youtube have kids yoga!

15) Introduction of Crystals into your lives is beyond helpful. Nothing fancy, just start with 2-3 you are connected to!

16) Meditation is almost a non negotiable in the 2020 energy. Start with YouTube, Meditation for beginners and also type inkey words, Meditation for Kids.

17) Less screen time, period.


xoxo Mindie

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