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New World Energy (3D, 5D and Beyond)

What is New Energy:

On a simple level, new energy is what is known as the energy after 12/21/12. This was a period where the Mayan Calendar "ended" but while the world freaked out because their calendar ended, it was actually a critical time for all of us. They new, the new world energy was awaiting. Yes, we were either going to ascend as a space on earth or not. However, as all healers on earth, we started to do the work. People were awakening, praying, and leading the light and we not only moved into the new energy, we surprised it in many ways. So each year beyond and 2012, we move higher and higher (more aligned) vibrationally, galactically, and energetically.

What does this mean? More humans are awakening to the truth of "who we are really", we aren't going to kill mother earth so to speak, but with this new responsibility, we all have a great deal of work to do. First, our own personal work, always us first and then guiding and leading others.

Anytime Spirit and I refer to the new energy, this is what we are speaking of. In a nutshell, it's why my coined teaching phrase is "Do the Work!"

A few things that are different in the new world energy.

• The past no longer predicts the future, period. I don't care what people or places or things, the new world is 100% co created, manifested and aligned in the light. If you have tried something in the past, and it didn't work, it does not mean it won't in the new energy.

• The wind [so to speak] is at your back!

• You are supported by Spirit more than ever, the veil is thinner than ever.

• You are required to do the work or be drug energetically.

• You are given a choice, stay stuck in 3d energy or move into 4th and 5th dimensional spaces.

• Your heart must heal and expand to the vibration of unconditional love.

• If your blueprint shows specific teaching or way showing requirements, they are non negotiable now.

• You 100% create your reality along with playing the roles God needs you to in other peoples lives / contracts.

• Discernment/Clarity is your absolute goal in life.

• The new energy only INCREASES now, and each moon, portal, cycle and galactic shift radically changes you.

Nothing is slow in terms of change, it's fast.

• The definitions of everything have shifted from old to new.

• Nourishing your mind/body and soul are non-negotiables. What you choose to put in and on your body matters. You are more sensitive than ever, including food aversions, skin conditions, tummy aches, feelings of needing to take better care of your body.

• Meditation is also a non-negotiable. You are going to become familiar with slowing down, in order to speed up.

• You will be address old wounds that you thought you already healed from, this experiences come back around to teach us a greater depth in the healing of that which caused you pain/trauma.

• Forgiveness is not just a word, it's now going to be a lifestyle.

• You will learn that arguing and ego type patterns are no longer present. This takes practice, but in realms beyond 3D dumb shit doesn't trigger you anymore.

• Drinking non-flouride water, and removing/reducing chemicals in and around your life is imperative.

• You crave human connection, listening without alternate agendas.

• Your friends/family circle become more connected and tight, you no longer socialize to socialize, instead there is a great deal of community and inclusion, yet lots of boundaries.

This is just some of the chanes, we will talk more specifics down the road.

The bottom line is, there is no going back to the old ways, or pre-covid even. Those energies are gone when you choose to elevate your alignment.

Example: killing yourself working or grinding is old energy, you must slow down to speed up!

xoxo Mindie

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