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New Moon Energy & Cycles, Healing Benefits and Ways to Maximize Their Energy. xoxo Mindie 

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Today’s BLOG is all about New Moons, since we will have our first New Moon of 2020 shortly!

🌛 January 24, 2020 at 4:42 pm EST in fact.

Tracking Moon Cycles: I would recommend

(under Sun and Moon), as this allows you understand Moon Cycles precisely for your time zones.

I learned and so can you! It takes intention and practice! Many people ask me how I know so much about the Moon cycles and their healing benefits and my answer is pretty simply, Spirit has always had me tracking moon cycles since well before my confirmation of my gifts, but more importantly being in tune with moon cycles is a key to many aspects of healing and you to can learn to tune in more. (It’s call meditation, particularly around the cycles.) I am not a huge following of Astrology in the old energy sense, but I do love follolwing the Moon and her journey. Spirit brings me everything I need to know about upcoming moon energy, galactic patterns and more. Your message is to tune in, slow down and be intentional on the moon cycles. If you don't learn to slow down and be intentional, you will not benefit as greatly as you could. We can absolutely benefit the day before the moon cycles and even 1-2 days after, but nothing compares to the healing the day OF a moon energy. I always say, moon energy is where everything you do (good or not great) is amplified 10 fold. It’s irreversible essentially, and it plants seeds for days, weeks, years and yes, even lifetimes. Steps to Healing During a New Moon Start with 1-3 intentional tips below and build your healing moon practice from there!

  • Start your day with 3 positive statements of Gratitude. (Be Specific, Be Intentional)

  • Wake up early, allow 30 minutes to just be, pray, meditate and cook a nourishing breakfast, you can play soft music, read something inspirational such as Wayme Dyer or Brene Brown to start your day. The point is, be planful and avoid rushing on your New Moon morning. This is a low vibe habit most people suffer from.

  • Eat Nourishing Foods. Avoid processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol. Give yourself a day to “feel” the energy healing in and around you.

  • Avoid Heavy conversations, walk away from drama / arguments and try to keep your energy balanced. Follow up another day on heavy decisions or conversations.

  • Drink plenty of water (plain water, and add fruits, herbs such as mint, basil, rosemary and thyme! You can also add fresh cut cucumber, lemon and limes.)

  • Stay off of social media! This is widely underutilized in terms of healing. You cannot avoid certain people and subjects when on social media, and this causes unnecessary triggers and buttons to be pushed, once you activate that low vibe, you cannot UNSEED those vibrations.

  • Where clothing that is comfortable and breathable, allowing your energy to flow freely vs. being restrictive.

  • Listen to music that is instrumental, acoustic, faith based. Avoid lyrics that shift your vibration, even if it’s your favorite station, save it for another day.

  • Avoid talk radio, turn off the TV, Radio and News. Do not read articles about world events and avoid politics. Again, it’s a VIBE.

  • Planting Seeds should be your intention, allowing NEW moon energy to heal you, move you and begin again!

  • Meditate as often as you can. Silent meditation being the most powerful, but guided meditation is amazing too.

  • Move your body, as simply as going for a walk, to swimming, to stretching, dancing, or yoga. Avoid heavy lifting or overexerting yourself. Avoid strenuous activities. New Moons are light heartedness and joy. Playful and healing.

  • Smudge your space using smudging materials such as sage, palo santo, flower petals and more. During smudge state prayers of love, joy and inviting all the NEW into your space, journey and life. Smudge your home, you, your car, and both inside and outside the home. (If allowed, your work spaces too.)

  • Diffuse High Quality Essential Oils - you can also use sprays with essential oils to heal your work space, cars and spaces that don’t allow smudging.

  • Pray. Don’t beg, ask for guidance, healing, centered ness, direction and unconditional love.

  • Journal: anything you feel you need to get rid of in order to allow the new in. Start a gratitude journal and just stay in the energy of that, Gratefulness. List all of your goals and dreams and desires.

  • Make a vision board (Physical or Online) It’s a collection of pictures, words and phrases that show and describe what life you truly want to live. Use old magazines, newspapers, greeting cards, printable items, stickers and make whatever collage you desire. Online version can be done on free apps like CANVA or Collage Pics.

  • Breath, pause through the day and just focus on 10 deep, intentional and cleansing breaths.

  • Light a candle (non scented) and just sit for a few minutes giving that flame all of your hopes, dreams and wants in this lifetime. Don’t forget to talk physical, spiritual and emotional needs.

There are just unlimited ways to spend your New Moon. These energies are like gold, it’s beyond special and priceless. Find time in your life to slow down, smell the roses, meditate and forgive often. Energy is heightened, emotions can be wonky, situations can intensify in order to move and reshape energy. Don’t get caught up in all the online negativity about your signs or moon energy descriptions. Get centered in love, unconditional love. Talk to your loved ones in heaven, Angels and Spirit Family. You are only as alone as you choose to be. Be blessed sweet souls and I’m looking forward to your healing in the upcoming weeks. xoxo Mindie Thank you in advance for sharing BLOGS by xoxo Mindie & Spirit

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