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I'm Back ... BLOGS Continue in 2018

Good morning,

I'm thankful to be jumping back in alignment with BLOGGING for the remaining weeks of 2018 and into 2019! As many of you know, we returned mid-September from an amazing, yet life changing 4 month USA TOUR.

Spirit (Aka my Daddy), thought it was a good idea to give my Ohana just about 10 full days notice to pack up our RV and Tour from Virginia Beach, VA all the way to California and back. While Daddy, gave us some insight about 30 days prior to the final approval, we were still sweating to say the least. Yet, because we had prepared for a similar Tour in 2016, only to find out my Daddy had two types of terminal cancer, this was not 100% unfamiliar to us. We are thankful to have quite a bit of experience now with our Motor Coach.

So back in the Spring 2018, we set out for just under 4 months on the Road. We visited well over 20 states, I already had 3 tours scheduled for this time frame so we were filling in those gaps with other cities, tour events and in person readings/healings.

I'm will share more of our journey, the good the learned and the amazing in coming BLOGS, for now I am super excited to be back and sharing more with you all!

If you know a friend or family that could use the LOVE and HEALING of Spirit, please use to refer.

xoxo Mindie

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