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Herbs are Life: Tips for the whole fam!

One of the most under used plant medicines and energy healers of Mother Earth is herbs. Recently I was asked to give some TIPS on using herbs, so here are a few! I use them personally, professionally, I grow them, and use them in my healing practices as a Shaman / Psychic Healer.

First, every single herb is extremely useful, delish, fairly easy to grow, as well as healing for the physical, spiritual and energy bodies. You can always do you own research, but there is nothing that Spirit hasn't channeled regarding the healing properties of Herbs.

When you start using herbs, a top question I get is should I use fresh, oils or dry? The answer is all of them. I encourage a variety of fresh, dry and even blended/crushed using mortar and pestle . I do caution on the overuse of oils (essential oils) as there are extremely amazing healing benefits of fresh and dry. (Oils are easy but can be overdone!) You cannot get the mana healing energy out of an oil the same as fresh, The best mana energy comes from farm to table, otherwise known as picking it and immediately using it. There is no limit on the uses, and when you grown your own, it gives you a very abundant feeling. When you are limited due to weather or seasons, herbs do very well in small pots in a kitchen window. Outside of growing your own, you can buy fresh and dry at the supermarket typically with ease. Try to buy organic or locally sourced when possible. Did you know that thyme is one of the most powerful healers on Mother Earth? I channel this often and also have a personal healing modality that uses thyme in the energy healing process. So cool!

Here are some fun ways to use herbs. For future reference as well. If you ever need to know how to use herbs in healing, just search "herbs for healing ________" (Fill in the blank for what you need healed.) You will be blown away at what tarragon can do for a toothache and what peppermint can do for a headache.

  • Make a smudge stick using dried herbs and floras

  • Use loose, dry herbs for smudge essentials - bay leaves are very healing

  • Make a paste for soothing bug bites or skin conditions

  • Add to your bath or shower for soothing and medicinal properties

  • Infuse your own honey to make herb honey! Lavender, thyme, rosemary, they are ALL divine (Simply use a crock pot, fill small mason jars with honey about 3/4 of the way full, add desired herbs, fill water line about 1/2 way up mason jar, low temp setting for 6-8 hours, strain herbs and voila!)

  • Flavored oils can be made similarly, but you don't have to heat up, just let them soak in the flavor. Must use rinsed and then completely dried in order to avoid bacteria from growing.

  • Flavored butters, in a small glass dish mix herbs and butter, refrigerate a day or two and serve. I make mine in small mason jars and freeze too.

  • Flavored herbs n oil: Make in an ice cube tray and freeze them for later use!

  • Use in soup broth (fresh and dry mixed) will give layers of flavors

  • Mix parsley (finely chopped) with fresh squeezed lime juice in your rice!

  • Mix a few herbs and crystals in a soft pouch and slip under your pillow for a better nights rest, healing energy and illuminate your dream state.

  • Place an organza bag (sachet) over your shower head for healing and improvement with breathing.

  • Rosemary is wonderful to rinse your hair with. (Boil rosemary with water for a few minutes , cool down and place in a glass sprayer)

  • Add fresh herbs to your water and drink fresh or store in the fridge for a couple of days. Once you are done drinking it, thrown stems into water to help root them, and then plant in soil.

  • Make your own pesto with herbs (very healing)

  • Cloves: you can chew on a clove for dental hygiene

  • Fresh herbs on salads are delish

  • Throw dried herbs into a campfire to prevent bugs, likewise plant fresh ones strategically in your landscape for the same reason.

  • Let Herbs like basil and lavender bloom and use their flowers for fresh breads, butters, teas and more.

  • Tea: I use herbs both fresh and dry in my tea blends at home. Very healing and again, each offer different healing in their fresh and dry states.

  • Add fresh and dry basil to tomatoes for 24 hours prior to cooking for extra flavor and healing.

  • Blend fresh herbs in smoothies and even to fresh juicing

  • Add dry and fresh herbs to baked goods

  • Ginger is amazing fresh, grated, when boiled or made into a syrup

  • One of the most discussed healing recipe is the following: Small jar of local honey, add lots of roasted garlic cloves, turmeric / crushed black pepper, lemon (dried/or zest) Add to a tea or eat a spoonful when under the weather. Also turmeric, ginger and honey or cinnamon, ginger and honey. So many recipes on this, it's a miracle worker! I use my intuition on what mixtures we need through the year. *Local honey is key, and at a minimum get organic if it's not local.

  • Add to all your favorite desserts

  • Shake in an extra spice jar with sea salt! (YummO)

  • Use essential oil herbs as directied, but also very amazing in a diffuser

Guys, the sky is the limit. Try new herbs, google or pinterest for ideas. Trust your intuition, don't over complicate it. Remember, they are so incredibly healing for the mind, body and spirit. They are so incredibly accessible and most are easy to grow! They help so greatly for "energy" detoxing as well. So use to infuse waters, teas and baths!


xoxo Mindie

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