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God told me for 18 months to do this ...I was scared.

Good morning, technically nothing Spirit and I share is short. My new favorite phrase is long story longer. So I truly hope you give this 7 minutes of your time.

At the beginning of the you know what, I had just moved to Oahu, Hawaii, we barely got there due to red tape with spouses new job on island, but were allowed to move forward because we have already shipped everything and sold everything. A friend of mine, funny neither her nor I can remember, but I believe she shared a truther post from someone she was following. Intrigued and completely compelled I started following this woman on Facebook. Noone knew, I just observed. There was an instant connection, she seemingly (and then over a year proved) to be a courageous and brave mother, truther of all truths big and small, present and walking daily with God, bold, doing LIVES on corruption, world events, faith, personal and professional aspects and in an alignment way, speaking about the body and God has created it be whole, pure and healed at the cellular level. She spoke about phar-----ma vs natural immunity and more. Now, if you know anything about Spirit and I, this is like God showing me a incredibly inspiring version (and even more brave to be totally honest), of me. There are many parallels.

This part I will make short. I was guided by God to reach out to her and discuss further some of the incredible knowledge and view points she had. I was guided by God to reach out and connect with her on an incredible option for me as a Healer, Mother and Shaman in the world of natural immunity. For 18 months, I would start to type and ultimately delete the messages out of fear, yes I was scared. About 5-6 times in 18 months I would start typing and then delete why, because I was afraid she wouldn't accept my and my gifts. Why why why? Because she lives through the God I know and well, intimidation is real and I was scared on some level. Now, I didn't lose sleep over this and felt very blessed, but when I was nudged by God, I would back down.

Little did I know, one day around May 2021, I was reading one of her posts about natural immunity and I noticed 5-6 other woman all discuss how "nothing" was wrong, but over time they were not conceiving and finally got pregnant and maintained pregnancy with healthy babies. God's timing is always of course perfect and believe it or not there are reasons outside of medical that God says, "not yet." This was a time where God screamed do it .... so I drafted bravely my message and thought, I hear you God. Regardless of the why, God pushed me and I listened.

Fast forward to the 3 little dots bouncing, she was writing me back! Could this be a time of yet another lecture that my gifts are Satanic, would it be a ghost situation with no response? Yes, there is a happy ending. Not only did she write back, we voice messaged several times and my gifts were accepted wildly with love, curiosity and yes a few questions.

We will now really fast forward, it's now the time that I got all my questions answered about the natural immunity product that God placed on her path and ultimately mine. Wait until you hear the signs I received. You legit cannot make it up.

I won't drag it our further, I have been taking a patented product since May 2021 and again if know anything about my story, you know shedding/transmission is real, and that when God aligns, I follow. I may have dragged it out, and while I never have regrets, I'm super bummer I didn't have more bravery for this situation in March 2020.

After a series of clear messages, one which was receiving a text from her asking if I wanted to attend this company convention with about 14 days or so notice. Other clear signs which I will post about shortly, and I followed my spouses guidance, God's alignment, my curiosity/gratefulness and joined as a distributor. I will hold your hands and guide you but this is not a substitute for readings/healings.

Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer®*


  • Helps the body detoxify genes, keeping the master blueprint of the cell’s function intact *

  • Reduces oxidative stress by 40% in just 30 days *

  • Significantly reduces cellular stress through Nrf2 activation *

  • Produces enzymes capable of neutralizing more than 1,000,000 free radicals *

  • Helps to regulate survival genes *

  • Supports the body's natural ability to repair and rejuvenate its own cells *

I will answer questions,

and be doing a LIVE, and posting occasionally from here on out about Life Vantage/NRF2.

I will continue to allow God to move through me and my Ohana, and forever cherish this time on our path, because it's not everyday you get a text from someone who have know only a few months and head to Utah to be loved, empowered, grounded, blessed and surrounded by truthers. I've prayed for woman of value in my paths and Ohanas that align in God, truth and freedom. This is one of many many answered prayers.

While spirit and I are always a balance of Eastern, Western and Miracles associated with medical, I'm incredibly clear that IF I had not started activating in May 2021, and shedding was just ramping up, I don't know where I many be in terms of impacts because my work daily, requires me working with the sickest of the sick, those having received the thing, and my work is alot of trauma and pain in healings and readings.

Important: I work with every type of human you can imagine. Regardless of how far along you are in your personal healing journey, regardless of your personal choices, and path do not judge where others are or have been, let alone where they are going.

My only disclaimer is this, I have not tried every product. I may or may not. I'm unbothered if you like or dislike ingredients, patents, or processes. I'm guided, done my due diligence on aspects that make sense for the WIDE net of clients I personally and professionally work with. I'm asking more questions, the FAQ answers most of your questions. Think Dirty is the app like EWG that reviews everything and just remember, you're not God and I do stand behind this disclaimer and have a zero tolerance policy for anything negative.

Ed and I already and have been and soon Ace will activated. My journey began in May 2021! 55 Raw Radical Change.

Feeling over the moon, thankful and grateful 🙏 xoxo Ed & Mindie

You will really have alot of regrets if you keeping saying no to opportunities to explore, learn and heal. xoxo Mindie

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