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Fung Shui Tips (Office Space)

Many of you know, my life as Professional Psychic Medium and Shaman revolves around love, the vibration of energy we are all meant to live in, despite the hardships of the world today. So, I thought I would bring you along with a little office start up I have going on in my home on Oahu, Hawaii and with that give you all the Energy TIPS I can, some directly tied to traditional Fung Shui and other channeled energy TIPS.

We will be starting in my office. (Disclaimer) Our POD is not arriving until the end of April, and then it will be a couple of weeks after that getting settled, but in the interim, I will give you TIPS for what we have started, because my office is non negotiable working from home and it’s where we have spent a good amount of time already planning for the present and when the POD arrives.

Office space does not have to be a separate room all together, it can be a nook blocked with a room divider, even a small space in your bedroom or living room. Lots of options. If you are working from home full time, it’s best to make a space that is able to separate from your living space as much as possible, again not required though.


1) Declutter (Donate, sell, repurpose, recycle, trash etc): Everything is energy, that stack of paperwork you are avoiding, that old book you haven’t opened in years, those supplies you may some day start a new project with, and all the clutter in and around you hold energy. In many cases, old energy and it’s not in alignment with you new vibrational self of 2020. This is the year of major spiritual awakening and more than ever, clutter causes anxiety and impacts productivity and energy.

2) Pick your Palette: This can be easily overwhelming to some, and quite inviting for others. Regardless of where you are, this is a key step to Fung Shui and all things energy. You can use “brand boards on google” to give you a nice color palette, you can google The colors that fit emotional words you describe, such as “colors for calming energy” and then palettes will appear. Colors matter, they impact energy more than you can imagine, so spend a little time in prayer over this tone and mood you are looking to create. My best advice is to not ask the world for their opinions, because you are ultimately not aligning with your colors. Although you will see me give energy recommendations because that’s my job (when asked of course!).

For example:

  • Greens tend to be for health, heart energy and balancing energy

  • White tends to be for clarity, discipline, cleansing energy

  • Blues tend to be for calmness and growth, mindset healing

  • Yellows tend to be for joy, youthfulness, uplifting and happiness

3) Bringing in Mother Earth in: This is absolutely one of the most critical ways to heal yourself, your space and all things within the space of your office. I know what you are thinking, Mindie I don’t have a green thumb. Well, this is where I call B.S. You are made of the same energy plants are made of. So instead you can say, “Mindie, I haven’t learned how to care for their energy yet.“ Here are a few tips . Yes, there are some that are easier to connect with their energy, this is true. Here is a list of the 11 most easy plants to have indoors (Be sure to research if you have plants.)

  • Aloe

  • Cast iron plant

  • Chinese Evergreen

  • Christmas cactus

  • Jade

  • Lucky Bamboo

  • Snake Plant * My top 3 ever plants

  • Peace Lily

  • Pothos

  • Prayer Plant

  • Spider Plant

Start with 2 small plants, overwatering is always the issue, well almost always. Do read more about your plant, YouTube a planting or transplanting video to guide you. There are so many options. Tip is however, don’t buy a pot too large, start small and grow from there.

There are so many other beautiful ways to bring in Mother Earth Into your space. All natual items you bring, give their own specific healing energy to your space. Other things to consider but not required: Sea Shells, Crystals, Drift Wood (especially local, and pieces you find on your own.), Rocks, Dried Leafs, Pine Cones, Sea Glass, Acorns, or really anything that is from Mother Earth herself. With regards to crystals, you can google “healing crystals for office” and there are so many. Some of my favs for various reasons are Jasper, clear quartz, aventurine, lepidolite, amethys, blue agate, moonstone, chrysoprase, dessert rose, obsidia, citrine tourmaline, selenite, and for all entrepreneurs and home based businesses, have pyrite (also known as fool‘s gold!)

Please just follow your intuition, get different size crystals and use tourmaline, obsidian and even a Himalayan Sea Salt lamp to help with toxic energy!

With anything you do Fung Shui, you want to bring in balanced energy of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood. This is Fung Shui basics, you can also google or use Fung Shui Bible (Which I love and have) to guide your personal elements as well. If you use your intuition, this process happens naturally. Pun Intended!

4) Quality Chair - this goes without saying, but it’s essential, and you will have to invest on some level. For many of us, we spend more time here than in our beds at times. So just go into (when you can of course), and try a few out! Don’t be afraid to pay $150.00 or more for the best ergonomic chair, because it will absolutely cause fatigue and major issues if you don’t.

5) Position of the desk. So this is fun, and I totally learned something new about my office desk. So while I was in Virginia, clearly intuition was a big part of how my room my was up, and because Ed built this custom desk for his work years, ago, I did have only 1-2 options to place it. So keep that in mind. However, if you have options because of a small desk, this will help immensely with the energy and I can already feel the new energy in my office doing it this way!

Look up your Kua number as well! This helps show you where you can position certain things to enhance energy like love, abundance, success and more. I will like the page below for the calculator!

6) Decor & Other TIPS:

  • Choose an accent color for some consistency and flow of energy

  • Place most used items within 12 - 18” when possible

  • Place a trash bin close to you, for energy flow and empty it often (Try to use compostable bags - many options on amazon)

  • Have natural lighting whenever possible and avoid fluorescent lights

  • Have a non scented, organic/bees wax candle when possible for fire element

  • Utilize smudging techniques to clear the energy of the space and do a blessing prayer when you complete the new room/space set up

  • Keep your lines clear and open, don’t stack stuff (clutter) and keep base boards exposed when possible to encourage the flow of energy

  • Label storage when possible and avoid piles

  • Declutter old files and follow the shred and recycle guidelines for your state

  • Upcycle when you can, bringing other decor from other spaces vs. buying all new

  • If you space has no carpet, place a nice rug or bamboo mat at your feet for grounding energy

  • Add some personal ohana items, but don’t overdue, save those for your personal spaces

  • What ever your choose for desk location, across from that space, it’s always a great energy lift to have inspirational words / photos to keep your sight aligned with high vibration views. Power words, prayer/verse, affirmation or something you can update like a letter / word board, chalk board, dry erase or something easily changed out for ongoing inspiration!

Alright loves, here is a great start. I will be showing our different stages of my new Ohai, Hawaii at home office along the way! Stay tuned, stay connected and happy Fung Shui! xoxo Mindie

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