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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

I'm just shy of two weeks late for this BLOG, but yet right on time. I spend a ton of time sharing my personal links and brands that Spirit loves and trusts. Let's be honest, it's not easy. Greenwashing is an absolute thing and literally just because it says Organic, doesn't mean perfect.

Now greenwashing includes terms like: (and many others)

- all natural

- organix

- eco

- mother nature approved

- chemical free

- vegan (does not mean it's chemical and dye free, it simply means no animal products/bi-products.

- non toxic

- dermatologist approved

- dye free

One thing to keep in mind is that nothing is perfect but Spirit and I always channel the follow methods to start your healing path and living a more sustainable and healthy path.

The 4 categories we channel are: awful - good - better - best

Now don't take this personal, once you start down your healing path you will see that you have been bought, sold and lied to over and over again. We will take this path one step at a time and I will continue to share healing tools that work, that are incredibly budget friendly (based on usage and concentration of products and of course, high performing!) This is no longer a matter of quantity in life. If you maintain this attitude, you will find yourself sick more often than not. Spirit is always about quality and QUANTITY. It is about the best value for all involved, while having high performing products! Yes, it will always be an investment but I have yet to find someone who hasn't paid the price in their physical, mental and spiritual health for them and their families by stocking up all the junk, chemicals and non value add products laying around because dollar tree and they were gifts.

Below is a list of links and even a discount code for the products Spirit ha approved over the years for my and my Ohana. We still do our best to use the as a baseline for our lifestyle, but again it's not always 100% certified. Remember that every choice is that, a choice and there is no need to shame and blame. We are simply sharing because you all have asked, it comes come up readings/healings daily and this subject is 100% the root cause of sickness and disease in your lives along with a few other core perpetrators.

In no particular order (and no I cannot list every single product, but I will share as many as possible within reason.


Household cleaners and More:

(Save $10.00 with my code) I am not paid for sharing these, I get a coupon code just like you!)

**This is where 99% of my life resides. Spouse uses men's line too! Make Up / Deodorant / Shampoo & Conditioner:

(I am a consult here because it makes sense and epic discounts on my products LOL)

Tinctures (Vitamin Support):

Ohana Vitamins:


Dishsoap/Bath Bars: (baby unscented)

Beauty Products (eye shadow concealer):


We use Doterra and Young Living Essential Oils - find a friend who is very knowledgeable and start with 2-3 oils, don't go overboard, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Spirit always recommends: Lavender, a Citrus and a calming blend like Stress Away as a great place to start! (Be sure to review for pets and pregnancy cautions.)

Branch Basics and Dr. Bronners can literally be used for anything and everything. Be sure to check scents against for Dr. Bronners. We only use the baby scent.

We do interchange Honest two in one for my son's hair but Beautycounter is our go to!

I will update more as I have time, but wanted you all to have a central place to check things out. We also make some of our own cleaners and diffuse essential oils in every room, in moderation. I'm not a fan of drinking or eating essential oils, but the sky is the limit. I also use Blue Malva from Aveda for my blonde shampoo/conditioner and use Beautycounter inbetween. I'm a wash my hair every 3-4 days living in Hawaii now.

⋒ Love & Aloha xoxo Mindie

| Shaman | Psychic | Medium | Healer | Teacher |

"Live Pono"

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