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Energy, Vibes and how it impacts your everyday lives. - Mindie Adamos

Now that I have blogged about soul contracts, enlightenment, awaking and ascension, let’s get into some Energy 101 for new and seasoned folks here.

Energy is everything. Every thought, feeling, emotion, action, behavior and pattern, can and is measured scientifically as an energy. This is hard for some to realize, because we are use to measuring things we can see in the physical world, but pay little attention to the energy measurement of say heart energy, or energy of emotions we experience in life.

Everything in the human experience is like a magnet, so what you put you, you attract more of. I recommend reading/watching an old classic, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. It’s a very easy read and shows you just how “Law of Attraction” works. Now there are many other laws as well, but again, this is Energy 101. What you think you become or where you spend your most habitual thoughts is what you are attracting. There are no exceptions to these rules, but there are other energy factors that come into place, such as life lessons, soul contracts and others.

At a very basic level, there is LOVE energy and there is FEAR energy, and yes shades of each, but none the less, they can be measured as these two vibrations. How you are feeling at any given moment, tells you, how you are vibrating. I will give a few examples of words to describe each below.

FEAR Based Energy (This is often referred to as EGO Energy, Ego is simply FEAR)

· Anger

· Resentment

· Jealousy

· Heartbreak

· Discuss

· Worry

· Control

· Trapped

· Abuse

· Chaos

· Disorganization

· Panic

· Anxiety

· Anxious

· Scared

· Lonely

· Depression

· Uncomfortable

· Criticism

· Hatred

· Self critics

· Self evaluation (and not the good kind)

· Body shaming yourself and others

· Self Image issues

· Controlling feelings about your body

Love Based Energy (Also known as High Vibes)

· Joy

· Creativity

· Safe

· Security

· Happiness

· Affection

· Strength

· Brave

· Courage

· Appreciation

· Delight

· Integrity

· Respect

· Friendships

· Tenderness

· Compassion

· Fondness

· Pleasant

· Beautiful

· Passion

· Prayer

· Loyalty

· Positive Self Esteem

· Self Love

· Self Care

· Pampered

It’s estimated, that our mind thinks between 60, 000 – 80,000 thoughts per day. Let’s break that down, 2500 – 3,300 per hour. No what what statistic you find, we are well over 2000 thoughts per hour, per day as a human. It’s also said, that roughly 85% of those thoughts are negative, full of worry and those negative patterns, rarely come to fruition. My channelings would now tell you, you are also manifesting faster than ever due to energy changes in our galactic spaces, but that is another BLOG. So when everyone in the world is saying 2017 – 2019 was the hardest years of their life, they are right. But it’s not just as simply as it looks. If it were so easy, we would all be doing it.

Back to energy, so if every thought, feeling, emotion, action and behavior has a “vibe” or energy, and if LOVE makes you feel good (and helps you attract your truest desires in life – aka manifesting) and FEAR vibration does not, wouldn’t you want to spend at least part of your life figuring out how the hell to change your mind? You would think so, but again it’s not easy. Energy is either love or fear, the longer you spend, even a majority of your 2000 thoughts per hour in fear, the spiral gets worse and worse. Over time, this energy compounds further into illness, setbacks, manifested traumas, arguments, disconnects, job and relationship losses, and builds up causing you anxiety and then full on depression. In many cases, this is also what I call, “manifested mental health issues and even diagnosis.” Then you add galactic energy shifts such as solar flares, energy portals, moon cycles and star alignments and frankly it’s a Earthling Shit Show.

So Spirit and I are always here to give you the truth as we see it, channel and most importantly how we feel it. You are not alone, this healing takes decades and a lot of consistency, but I have never had folks try practical healing tips and say, man nothing worked for me, never (unless of course they didn’t do any of it with consistency)! What people always say is, I feel better, and in many cases way better. I have had clients heal cancer, heal relationships with themselves, their kids, family, land new jobs, heal their marriage, conceive after major infertility, help their kiddos/kids who have ADHD/Anxiety and Autism and even more radically heal their own personal illnesses.

I’m here to guide you, and if you want one on one services, you know where to find Spirit and I to book! Online under the Shop tab. Until that time comes, I’m going to give you a “few non-negotiables” for healing your energy 101, just to start somewhere.

Start Basic Folks – We are unprogramming billions of thoughts, feelings and emotions here!

INVENTORY: Become aware of your thought patterns throughout the day, I mean journal. Yes, you should first take a inventory of your own thought patterns. I don’t care if you use a crayon and napkin or your smart phone. Truly, take an inventory of your own behaviors and thoughts. Where are you in constant FEAR based energy, and how often are you in a LOVE vibration? Write it down, each hour, make a column of love and fear and see what topics you discuss and think about and write them under each column. At the end of the day, compare those two columns? Do you love you? Do you have a list of primarily LOVE vibrations? Do you initiate low vibes at work, at home? Let’s get really honest about what’s vibrating in your life. I’m not here to spoil your analysis, but folks you are way more in the worry column that you would be comfortable sharing. Then good news, we have to acknowledge first, heal second! You are about to start your healing journey!

Meditation: I will start with basics and move into further healing around this in later posts. 3-5 minute meditations. You can download a free meditation app called “let’s meditation (yellow and orange icon – I’m not affiliated it’s what I have used for years, while I travel.) Set your timer on your phone and sit in the car, in the bathroom, during a shower, when you wake up, when you go to bed, I don’t care where, I can when and how often in order to help heal you. If you don’t know how to meditate, you are not alone. Just listen to the guided voice and do what it says. Leave the “Am I doing it right to the birds!” No one truly cares, no seriously, your intention of meditation is more powerful than thoughts coming in and out, and we will get more into effective meditation down the road. You have got to start somewhere and yes, even while meditatimy stay out of the FEAR COLUMN.

o 3-5 Minutes Daily (Get consistent here first)

o 3-5 Minutes 2-3 Times per day (Over time)

o 3-5 Minutes during major trauma, noticing when you are negative or not feeling well.

o *For my advance folks, 10 – 15 Minutes daily and even adding silent meditation at ANY increment is powerful

Prayer: It doesn’t matter really how you pray, call it affirmation, positive self talk, or mantras. You have got to quiet your mind. This activity should be incorporated before you get out of bed and before you got to bed. 2-3 Minutes. This is not begging God or Spirit to cure you or heal you, this is about opening yourself up to what you desire, how it helps you be the best version of you and how God/Spirit can you use as vessel for change, healing and teaching for others.

If you can find consistency in above, we add more and more healing options to your tool box! Stay tuned in here, subscribe to my email list at (bottom of the HOME page), I’m on Instgram and Facebook Business at xoxomindie and my FREE private teaching page on Facebook is also available to join on the home page of my website!

Cheers to taking your mind back to love, I’m honored to journey with you all!

xoxo Mindie

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