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Deep Cleansing Tips • Retrograde x6 is happening now!

Aloha, currently we have 6 planets in retrograde until Thursday 6/25/20. We just wrapped up the Eclipse and New Moon. Planetary alignments are in full swing right now. This energy is very personal. Take a graceful and honest review of your life. What needs cleansed, changed and smudged?

Deep energy clearings are available to you during these major transitions.

Start with these cleansings:

• social media accounts (unfriend/delete tags etc) • delete texts • delete emails • clean up contact lists • purge, shredd, recycle mail, Bills, etc

Then smudge your space, yourself, your car, your cell phone, tablets and computers. File cabinets, checkbook, wallet and purse. Really your whole space, but don't forget these critical spaces listed. They are often almost always overlooked in smudging sessions.

Smudging can be as simple as using sage or another form of smudge, or even incense. Say prayers of love, protection and cleansing. Use whatever you have to smudge, just remember a little bit goes along way!

There has never been a better time to heal folks. The wind is at your back, clarity comes through prayer, meditation and journaling. This is often what Spirit and I say, it's time to do the work. If something or someone is not bringing you joy, you cannot afford to keep it haunting you.

These energy changes are giving 2nd, 3rd and 50th chances to heal. Take advantage of these critical timeline shifts and energy rewrites. Blessings are here, you have to do the healing work however.

All my love,

xoxo Mindie

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