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Chasing Rainbows! Why did Spirit align this on my journey?

It’s no surprise that when 2019 began, my words of the year I felt deeply were allow and align. My life’s work does encompass Law of Attraction as a primary basis for all things we teach and share. So when I dove deeper into my own healing journey, which is ongoing of course, these two words were engrained in my soul. I began to meditate more deeply on what God, Spirit, Universe, call it what you want was trying to show me. Allowing is a discipline feared by most. People say they want freedom, free will, change, but truly their belief systems hinder them from ever feeling the very essence. Allowing takes intention, focus, energy and most importantly time. It’s a huge investment to live a life of alignment. Through the process of focusing, getting more intentional about what it is I truly desired, through the process of discipline and allowing, I felt a major shift in 2019. Most specifically around letting go, allowing, and following my truest hearts desire without stopping to determine worthiness.

In 2019, allowing was the catalyst to alignment for me. I could also say, further the alignment for me. I felt truly more in balance than ever before, things that worried me seemed to lesson and my worthiness skyrocketed. Alignment happened, more naturally and organically than ever before. I didn’t say I didn’t have to do anything, but what an elder told me on Maui in May of 2019 is that I needed to “slow down to speed up!” I felt that. So in perfect alignment, I invested in allowing new energy to flow like never before. I made huge boundaries in life, I revamped scheduled, tours, readings, services and everything in between. I allowed God to move people out of my life that didn’t align (not good or bad, just not right now), I allowed change, pain, uncertainty, and many other layers of clouds to shift.

The trip that changed my life forever!

So how does this all lead to “Chasing Rainbows?” The term was gifted to me in June of 2019 while on a very unexpected ALOHA TOUR on Oahu, Hawaii for what started out to be a work trip and very quickly turned into a time of extraordinary change. During some deeper healing segments, the words Chasing Rainbows came to me with a vision of us living in Hawaii, allowing my gifts to unfold even more abundantly and being in even more alignment. Yes that’s a thing, as alignment is a journey not a destination. These words along with visions started showing me, that I more than anything else in the world, am allowed a life of love, rainbows, bliss, joy and abundance. The sights of the rainbows showing up for me, were extreme movements of clarity. This message would forever change even my allowing of law of attraction to deepen.

Chasing Rainbows is not about physically chasing rainbows. It’s far more abundant than that. This is about allowing and aligning, so that the Law of Love, as I call it (Law of Attraction/God’s Will) can shine brightly on every aspect of my well being. It’s about allowing my heart and spirit to see the beautiful rainbows amongst the storms, allows me to “chase” the dreams still in my heart despite the weather conditions around me. It’s about chasing my dreams in my mind, body and spirit without regard to what others may understand about my journey. Chasing Rainbows is the day dream that manifests abundance in every aspect of your life. It become so crystal clear to me that when I allow (sunshine and the rain) and align (rainbows), my world would mimic a theme song of somewhere over the rainbow.

I hope that your next chapters include chasing rainbows. #chasingrainbows allows me to follow your stories and moments of rain, sun and rainbows in the future.

If you don’t understand law of attraction, you will find yourself chasing storms, and will rarely see the beautiful miracles in our journeys. My hope for you is a life of abundance, joy and lots and lots of rainbows. If you don’t know where to start, be sure to follow me on social media, subscribe to my BLOGS and never hesitate to invest in your journey with a reading/healing from Spirit. It takes the sun and rain to create that rainbow, it’s going to take joy and shadow work to see yours!

Mahalo Nui,

xoxo Mindie

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