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Bible and New Energy Alignment

Bible: Where to start? I love the Bible, read it daily on some level. I have both bible apps and physical bibles, I do bible journaling and also do it with our son.

Bible Journal

The Bible is not evil or horrible, it just like any words are interpreted through that filter of either love or fear. It was written and rewritten in times of shifts/change, no different than if someone picked up a book in 1000 years from now and reviewed times of Covid, and the greatest awakening of our times.

God told me this from the beginning, “I created man and man created religion.” The Bible is a guide, it has amazing messages of LOVE and many amazing messages of control. In the eras of people whacking and hacking each other with swords and stealing gold and countries and people, I’m sure someone sat down and thought, shit we need to get these humans under control. So, the Bible was written. At the same time, feminine energy was bring suppressed, some intentional some unintentional, and yes, that’s where control became man vs. woman in some aspects. (But until you read the Bible from a 5D perspective or higher, you read it at a 3D level and yes, I’m sure it feels off. I always joke, that if I was making my own religion, I would absolutely of snatched up Jesus, Mother Mary and all the Saints too! Religion, was man made (or allowed to be instituted), so you just accept what works for you, and leave the rest.

One tiny example: don’t go to psychics or mediums, yup, I would run too, lol unless they are channeling God, Souls and Only White Light. Tell me about spells, and yes, I’m running too. Many intuitives didn’t and still don’t “do the work” and that gets messy. There is an energy about all of this, and it's not saying all intuitives are bad, it's saying major discernment.

Okay, you get the point. Jesus said 99% of what is written in the words, man wrote anything that says “Control or Fear.” Everyone in the Bible was human like me and you, had issues, worked through them, or not, listened to God and many of them, nearly all of them had direct messages form God (him/her self)! People were healers, profits, guides, and amazing miracles in every day clothing, no different than today. People were prophetic all day every day, so what I do isn’t a surprise, it’s in the Bible.

Do what feels good to you, don’t do what doesn’t. If anyone starts stating scripture to use against you, pray for them. If people tell you it’s against the Bible, pray for them, if you find yourself in and out of the Bible, that’s okay too.

I will tell you this, the closer you get to God, you will never reject a tool that has helped you along the path. The Bible is a direct reflection of what dimension you are operating from. So that’s a great gauge for you in this lifetime.

Mahalos and God Bless xoxo Mindie

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