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Surprise From Spirit - Beautycounter

I'm over the moon excited to share that I joined this amazing company, Beautycounter!

Movement for Better Beauty is not only a passion of mine, but it's a match made in heaven, literally with Spirit and being a Psychic & Shaman Energy Healer. Spirit was nudging me through two dearest friends of mine. While I dug my heels in initially, (only because I could not see the vision Spirit had fully for how I could add anything else to my plate), I did open up and took a leap of faith. In just under 2 months, my life has already grown in beautiful ways, that I literally could not have imagined!

Spirit would not allow me to be in alignment and support a company if it wasn't the best of the best. Let me tell you, Spirit and Beautycounter have exceeded any and all expectations I had in just the short time with the company. I quickly moved from Consultant to Manager (2 Promotions), and this would not be possible without you all! I'm incredibly excited to share that Beautycounter is not just another beauty company with high-end products. It truly is a company of change, commitment to Mother Earth, beauty, raising the bar, shifting the paradigm of quality products that are really safe and long lasting. Beautycounter is the largest private company that I have ever seen go after "Safer Products" from a Legislation perspective. They are advocating CHANGE. This is not only a company that I have truly fallen in love with, but a company that has helped me help others along side of SPIRIT. I literally feel more beautiful and confident with using make up and applying it from a professional standpoint. I get amazing tips from their website and the amazing Christy Coleman is always sharing professional techniques on Instagram LIVE & her page. I feel so empowered, truly.

A little Behind the Scenes - My Story: I was a tom boy all of my younger years, teen years and into my young adult live. I never wore make up, I didn't color or cut my hair, tweeze my eyebrows, nothing JESUS. I wore cargo pants and polos and wet long hair in a bun. (Gasp, I know!) I didn't really wear make up alot and if I did, it was a lipgloss or chapstick. After time with GEICO however, there was a strong push to LOOK the LOOK, and while I didn't love this aspect, it did drive me to fall in love with fashion and playing with different looks over the years, and I did this at any size. I have purchased and used high end products from day one. I used not just department store brands but many other highend, boutique style only products from New York, California, Organic, All Natural and every price point in between. Right before joining Beautycounter, I was using for about 5 years a 100% Organic line. The challenge was, the product was safe, but it didn't last (I also found out they allow some products that Beautycounter does not!). I would have eyeshadows smudging within an hour. It just didn't hold up for me, the lights, the stage and even in my day to day life. I have an equal balance of bare skin and going out, to having just a little blush, and lip gloss. basic full coverage make up and then my stage or appearance looks where it's done professionally! I'm the girl that changes looks often and not afraid to have a little fun! I also made a commitment when I was pregnant with Ace to take better care of my skin. I was the girl who went to bed with make up on, blessed to not have alot of skin issues, but definitely didn't care for my skin in terms of healing and managing sun damage. This is also part of my why. I had a large brown patch that was growing on my right cheek. I tried everything natural and unnatural, and it wasn't until using Beautycounter samples that I immediately noticed a change, and it started to fade! I was also using Organic Lemon & Organic Castor Oil.

So now fast forward the last couple of months, Beautycounter has really changed my life in so many ways. I'm honored to share this critical healing movement, and from my heart to yours, I hope you give these 100% money back guarantee products and try! I hope you give yourself a chance to experience truly high vibration products while helping shift this movement for Mother Earth!

Lastly, I'm also passionate about helping people save money, make money and most importantly converting their homes to chemical free environments, and loving themselves inside and out!

If you are remotely interested in being a part of this movement, personally email me: for a 15 minute mentoring call and channeling from SPIRIT. Yes, you can see if this is a channeled partnership, good for your journey!

Shop with me:

xoxo Mindie

Ed and I had this amazing vision to combine my heart and soul with Beautycounter! Welcome to our world of Crystals and Beautycounter! We cannot wait to share more! Here you see these pairings with Selenite (One of few, that is 100% self cleansing crystals, amazing for cleansing energies, purifying, and balancing your energies!) and also Clear Quartz Points (Amplifying all of the intentions, prayers, and vibrations you are enduring, supercharging your intentions and expanding the healing properties of life!) Yes, all of my products are further blessed with the healing of Mother Earth's greatest treasures!

Photos By: Edward Adamos @adamoslife @adamosphotography

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