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At Home Education - New Energy Paradigms

I will keep this as focused as possible for this first post, but truly this could be a lifetime of work, not just a few BLOG posts.

Home Education is everyday, all day.

xoxo Mindie

If you have been a part of my journey with Spirit for any length of time, I’ve channeled for almost 10 years that our “systems” are collapsing. Yes, you read that correctly. I didn’t ever skip any of the systems that I channeled. Most people wanted to make their sessions about political systems only. Spirit were always giving passionate reminders that while the onset of our “wild” card from consciousness Trump going the new world energy was indeed a new system, there are many others. I’ve channeled, healed, and taught in courses and mentoring other systems. I spoke of financial systems, eco systems, school systems, religious, family systems and beyond.

A few reminders:

  • Every systems in 3D consciousness is collapsing (Period, there is NO exceptions to this energy)

  • Every system in the 3D consciousness is releasing old, to make the transition to already experieced 5D consciousness (Many of us are already experiencing and being with 5D consciousness.) See my previous BLOG on these paradigms.

  • School systems are one of the most broken, old energy, finanically raped systems we have next to medical and religious systems.

  • Corruption in these systems, conditional love, control, and more are the reasons it’s time to elevate consciousness

  • People who chose alternate education, homeschooling and unschooling methods have been targeted personally, professionally, emotionally, physically, financially and more. Never once outside of that consciousness did anyone expect that this is more the consciousness that allows and affords the greatest chance of love, freedom, integrity, growth, advancement and unconditional love.

  • Elites are not just those with power and money. Elites are also vibrationally those who shame, blame or judge those who you chosen alternate paths to the one carved out by the majority. Yes, you read that correct. Elites are not just financial bullies, they are anyone who speaks unloving to those on alternate paths. It’s vibrational and collective unlove. How many times have you personally spoke “down” or “fear based” around these subjects of school variations? How many times this summer have you shamed your bestie for asking questions that aren’t in alignment with your views? How many times have you shamed parents for sending their kiddos to school?

These are alignment reminders that you cannot be open to the new, while gripping the old and shaming old systems. This is about resurrecting the new energy, the energy truly intended for earth plane energies. We are awakening to the NEW Energy. If this system of Education was not realigned, we would continue to face great tragedy on earth. Let me give you a few examples of what we have seen over the past 8 years, since the new energy began that should have opened your eyes and heart to this change coming. You truly do not need to be very in tune to listen to the heartbeat of mother earth and feel the changes coming. In no particular order!

  • College students and staff engaging in huge lawsuits regarding rape and sexual misconduct. More cases that ever before.

  • Elites buying students in high profile colleges and schools

  • Sexual misconduct in schools / academy associated with the Olympics

  • Teachers resigning / staff shortages and headlines of inappropriate relations

  • Lack of equal pay and financial fraud amongst elites

  • Removing and reductions in financial support of academic systems

  • Increase in home education worldwide

  • Increased control regarding vaccination schedule for enrolled students, new ones being added as well as religious and medical exceptions being attacked and removed for parents as options

  • More parents forcing themselves into lifestyles / debt that requires 2 household incomes in order to live.

  • Massive debts in two household incomes

  • Massive increase in parents working 2-3 jobs and side hussles in order to keep up with the Jone’s

  • ...... and so many others

This is not 100% every single person and every single scenario, however energy is healed in the new energy based on the “majority.” Read that again, this many not apply to your personal journey, but since we are ONE, we are collective consciousness we will all experience these feelings together, as one.

The new energy is here folks, the school systems are collapsing on purpose. It is overdue that we have pumped kids with medication, Tylenol hoping they “make” it through the day because parents “Need or Have” to work. The days are over where we don’t have options. Your hands, hearts and minds are tied, gripped and crippled in fear because you are co-dependent on every single dollar made. Part of this education collapse is absolutely tied to the financial systems. When your job, passion and business, fear are overshadowing your ability to make sound decisions for your children and the children of the world, how could we not expect a collapse of these systems? Let’s now pause, breath and remember this is not shame or blame, this is about solution. Truly, this is about unconditional love, new energy, healing, freeing your soul from bondage, enhancing your lives and healing your hearts.

Please read the following carefully and slowly. We are all in THIS as one, we will illuminate healing, love and light and the solutions are beyond beautiful, powerful and can be in balance so that you, as a parent or guardian can feel waves of love, balance and still fulfilling other goals you have on earth. Let’s not shame, blame, judge or speak from the EGO (Fear) based selves and let’s open our hearts to some new possibilities. In order to do this, you need to pause, breath and get real honest about how you feel. If you are the person saying I just want to get back to what it was, that’s not happening. If you are the person who says, I’m a single parent, or a grandparent and I cannot do that, you are not allowing the love of options, solutions, shifts and miracles to come into your life. If you are the person who thinks this will all pass after the election, I lovingly say to you, that’s not the case. Our systems are realigning to a 5D energy and the more you fight it, the worse you will feel. The war we are experiencing WWIII (3 means ascended masters and the code to the vibrational alignment of galactic spaces.) is a mental war, you against you. You against your Mind, Body and Spirit.

Let’s talk a few solutions.

  1. Be open, breath (truly) if you don’t control your breath, you will never control your life.

  2. There is no “WRONG” right now so to speak, because even if you are trying out new options with an open heart, that is right.

  3. You are meant to explore right now, creative approaches to re prioritizing your life is exactly what today’s energy is for.

  4. Home education will 300% heal many of your kids on a deeper level who deal with things you don’t see in your day to day lives. Many of you will learn more about your kiddos in the next 18 months than you have known since you birthed them. Disconnection is a disease amongst most Ohanas, so be open to the thought, that while you are not proud to admit this, you must admit this to you and God in order to heal. Children with delays are going to skyrocket in their abilities.

  5. Don’t fake it until you make it, that’s absolutely horrible advice. Do not sit with a mask on and spray Lysol all over your home to prepare them for school, and absolutely do not pretend ANYTHING. The worlds systems are collapsing because no one is honest, real and we don’t talk about and heal our feelings with appropriate tools because the world is pretending and that is absolutely what got us all into this mess. Get real, talk using appropriate words and examples, but everyone of you birthed old souls. Our really old souls are our school aged kids today, they are here to TEACH you, not the other way around.

  6. Be vulnerable as a way to set you all free. Vulnerability is the absolute freedom every child, and parent is praying for, yet everyone is scared.

  7. Sit down, at least 1 meal per week, i don’t care if it’s take out pizza. Get back to your dining room table, talk, share and be open to hearing ALOT of shifts within your ohana. Some love using the Q & A of, everyone shares one rose moment throughout their day and one thorn at the dinner table. You have got to start somewhere. Again, I work with kiddos, and ohanas from aroudn the globe, when you kids say something, you need to listen. If you are praying for clarity, you will receive it.

  8. Put down electronic devices, it’s killing you all.

  9. Talk with other moms who may not necessarily agree with you on school options. If you haven’t spoke with other parents about alternatives, you will continue to recycle your fears with your friends that ONLY agree with you.

  10. Go visit a property where unschooling, co-ops, homeschooling, christian groups, private schools (non-traditional) or even groups who meet outside for untraditional schooling. You will learn so much from online facebook groups with homeschooling families. If you are unwilling to explore, you will never expand your idealistic energies.

  11. Stop relying on the schools to tell you what’s next. Make decisions for yourself, be honest as you review your personal lifestyle and how you absolutely made choices along the way that contribute to your life lessons.

  12. Be graceful, but be honest.

  13. Pray to Spirit, God, Universe, for clarity, guidance, direction, signs from heaven and more as you are not alone.

  14. Book a session with Spirit.

  15. Pray and remember that you can CHANGE your mind, you can begin again, you can start at point A because of deadlines and then align into new solutions.

  16. Be open to the new world emerging where “home education” will be the majority.

  17. Let go of your preconceived notions that at home education somehow makes kids suffer or they are not socialized.

  18. Choose love every time, while talking to others in your community

  19. Get creative and allow your at “home” system to be shattered so that you and your Ohana can start to repair and heal, and feel joy again.

  20. Get our a journal, make two columns of what life you live now, choices, actions and behaviors, debts, lifestyle etc and then make a list of the life you desire, leaving off any requirements of your kids being put into an institution for 7-10 hours to per day because you have to work to pay for things a life that you aren’t really truly happy or proud of. We need to confront the monsters keeping you stuck.

You are going to shift, it’s inevitable and non-negotiable, so let’s pause, breath, and start chipping away at options for your ohana. You are truly not alone, you need to ask new questions of yourself, call yourself into action, work outside your comfort zone and yes be passionate and GRACEFUL as you learn this new language of life. You are so loved, a deep cry helps, and I know you are hurting. I’m here to help, guide, channel, heal and show compassion. My compassion should not be confused with weak however, spirit and I do not sugarcoat root cause analysis.

YouTube is the place that I will catalog healing tips and discussions about this subject and more. Stay connected, share with your friends, co-workeras and ohana. The new world is already here, I would love for you to live a life of JOY and ABUNDANCE!

Are you ready?

xoxo Mindie

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