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Anxiety, Panic Attacks & Depression - Energy 101 \ BLOG

A starter Convo about Anxiexy/Panic Attacks & Depression:

This is a very broad, intricate, and overwhelming topic to share teachings from Spirit, but I will start somewhere as they have guided me to. A few foundation pieces that will help with the overall conversation. (basics below)

1) Every single Human has a unique energetic blueprint / and energy field(s) - there are arguably thousands depending on how you look at it. It is so unique that unless you are able to "read" energy multidimensional, you are often being read at a basic level 1-2 levels. This is so complex because your energy shifts, blends, morphs so much based on the current moment, your surroundings, environmental circumstances and so much more. No two souls experience these energy impacts the exact same way.

Readers of energy are not always healers of that same energy* This is important for later discussions as well.

2) Any soul who is living with "Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression even PTSD (Not just military folks hold this energy field, many others do including pets!) are holding irregular energy patterns in their "blue print / fields" and it's NOT just from this energy lifetime, it is from often past life trauma, generational trauma / patterning, karma, trauma from a current life circumstance and so much more. Your soul, is NOT 1. Your soul is multidimensional, you experience other lives (so to speak) in other realms at the exact same time as here on earth. It's very complicated, but just for a moment think to yourself, I am experiencing more than I know here on earth.

3) In this incarnation, we are experiencing energy that has NEVER been experienced by Human Beings. Earth is somewhat a "test." It's a "school of life." It's a planet of FREE WILL and prior to 2012, we as humans were not doing so awesome. However, by 12/21/12, we, planet earth raised consciousness of the planet so to speak and elevated the higher vibration energy forever. Once that energy is in place, it cannot be undone. Since this time, and also for the past 5 and 9 years, you personally and professionally will notice that topics like anxiety, depression, and panic attacks have elevated, because as a WHOLE, the heightened energy of planet earth, has sparked the energy within our fields to be address, to be healed. You will also here Spirit talk about "Ascension & Awakening." These elevated energy shifts, are causing every single person on planet earth to feel more deeply, express their energy in ways that laid dormant for years and even lifetimes. This energy, caused more of Big Pharma to capitalize on the patients, clients, and money money money. This is the perfect storm for families, medical (eastern and western), and overall planet earth.

[Reminder: In order to ultimately heal something, it comes from the dark to the light, not the other way around.]

4) As the world heals, the darkness rises in all ways. Dark rises or elevates, so it can be healed. You incarnated to ascend (grow, heal, expand and align with the highest good, connecting with God.) When you are living in a day to day energy, prior to 2012, you didn't experience all this "energy" (for most), and your sensitivity too all it has caused you to make shifts. However, if you look back on your life, family, friends etc, you will notice that many of these symptoms. and re-occurrences of anxiety, depression, relapses with addiction and so much more, happened and then was elevated after 2012 energy.

5) Illness, disease and awakened trauma in your blue prints since 2000, paired with environmental chaos, chemicals, poor diets, stress x 100, households requiring two full time incomes, death, birth, the internet, worldwide chaos and so much more, awakened all low vibration energy within soul's blueprint, awakened Trauma and heightened all of this energy, and not in a good way for many to try and survive. Survival mode is the mode for many, whether they share that or not. For many, they were and are tired of survival mode. There is a pill for that, a center for that, a doctor for that, a drug and drink for that, money to cover that. There are always options.

What's shifting is that we are destined to heal with a balance of modern technology AND natural healing. Energy Healing is the future, but it's not without the advancements of quality and integral medicines/doctors.

I close this 101 segment with this: If we don't address ROOT CAUSES of energy imbalances with the tools God has given us with both holistic and modern technology, we will continue to suffer as human beings. Your ultimate gift that we are all given is a voice and free choice. Talking about what's really causing anxiety/depression and more is essential. After awareness, it's a balanced and practical healing approach, that is not one and done. I work with every single type of health professional you can imagine, from the front line to the executives. I mean, these are MY CLIENTS with energy imbalances and they don't know why they are not happy, depressed, suicidal and more. They too are experiencing energy overload and awakening like never before and are often seeking alternatives to medicine. The proof is in the energy.

Energy is the imbalance, not our personal human brothers and sisters.

Suicides will continue for various reasons. Energy imbalances and not understanding how to heal it and manage it, is a #1 cause, not drugs.

I look forward to sharing another layer of this discussion soon!

Holding you all in my heart!

xoxo Mindie

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