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42 Things I learned By 42! Happy Birthday Blog!

"The boys are ready for me to Join in on the fun! Meet my new LOGGER by Hamboards! Age is just a number, I feel amazing on the inside and out. Cheers!" xoxo Mindie

It's impossible to narrow this down, but here I go!

1. If you don't set boundaries, noone will. 2. Really hard times, are just that hard times. They don't last forever unless you let them. 3. Hypocrisy is everywhere, so pick your battles wisely. 4. Parenting is definitely not as hard as everyone made it seem to be when you are pregnant. I slept often and our focus was always and will be Ace Ohana. 5. Kids eat what you eat [From the beginning.] They aren't picky, they learned picky. 6. People who are hard on you, don't always love you. What's that phrase? "we hurt the ones we love the most? Not true, people hurt you and don't love you. 7. Donuts really are life, but now I prefer non chemical ones. 8. You will miss your loved ones every day they are gone, no matter what. 9. You are replaceable at a job no matter how many employee of the month or Director's asses you save by working on reports 24/7. 10. Peanut Butter and Jelly are still my favorite at any stage or age. 11. Life is absolutely in your hands and heart. 12. Forgive often but don't repeat mistakes. 13. No one can really effectively explain Quantum. 14. Bidets are under utilized in America! 15. Jealously is their issue, not yours but it's still exhausting to deal with. 16. God put me on earth for reasons I cannot always explain, but it's miraculous. 17. Best friends doesn't mean forever, it just means really good at times. 18. Don't spend money on things, instead find experiences. 19. Most green grass is fake or toxic 20. Our parents and grandparents want to see of do things they only dreamed of. 21. So No often, firmly and without hesitation. 22. Stop explaining and over explaining your life and choices to people who cannot support you for you. 23. If you don't ask, the answer will always be No. 24. You can have your cake and eat it too. 25. Sleep is more important than checking off every to do list. 26. Hawaii is home, no matter where we live. 27. Travel is a more important investment than 401ks. 28. When we die, it's pure unconditional love and magic. 29. Your waiste size should never dictate your joy and love for yourself. 30. What doesn't kill you, does make you stronger but it the moment it feels like you really are dying. 31. Anything I know about Spirit, God and Universal Energy is coming from my own heart, not what others say. 32. When I go to the trees and ocean, life expands in indescribable proportions. 33. Ed is my Healer and so is Ace. Without them, I couldn't do what I do. 34. Stressing never solves anything. 35. It's perfectly okay to go through stages of life where you spend time working on yourself. 36. You will never regret self care. 37. Quality foods and drinks matter 38. Immersing yourself in other cultures is a gift for all involved. 39. Be brave, do the tough shit, gear is a liar and don't look back. 40. Don't ever apologize for your SUCCESS. 41. Ohana first and laugh often. *42. God is real, Faith is a skill set you must develop and how much Faith you have is in direct proportion to how longingly you live life and how lovingly or unlovingly you treat others.

Happy Birthday to Me. I feel so blessed to share this wildly galactic journey with all of you! xoxo Mindie

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