2021 Rearview Mirror

Wrapping up 2021 even after being under the weather is an important energy healing for me. So this year, I thought I would just get onto some of my goals right off the bat with posting more BLOGS. Welcome to my Rearview Mirrow of 2021. A quickie but energetically healing in every way.

Looking back in gratitude and grace. While 2021 had a whole lot of raw/radical change and manifestation, it also brought incredible miracles, blessings, renewed energy and a whole lot more Faith, Mercy, Grace and God.

When God woke me up that morning telling us we had 3 days to get the ball rolling to move back to the mainland, I was scared yet prepared. I work well under both no plans and plans and thankfully my intuitive hubby knew when God calls we align. We left the island with no notice, but a lot of love in our hearts. We truly felt blessed for all the mana and Aloha near and far that safely got us to our new space in Iowa.

We just recently learned of jet fuel leaks on Oahu (Which are still wreaking havoc on the land and people) that were positioned at the base of our neighborhood which truly means that we were likely being exposed since May 2021, which is when Ace and I experienced some minor health issues. God knew that no matter how many dreams and years of planning to live in Hawaii, our time was up. Now knowing what we know about the Jet Fuel and ongoing control and hypocrisy on island, we could not be more thankful to be on the mainland.

We hold in our hearts, the most incredible and unbelievable experiences from 18 months on Oahu. No regrets whatsoever and just unthinkable life experiences for our Ohana.

Oh and don't forget we finally fulfilled Ace's longtime dream of getting a puppy Pua (Which means Flower in Hawaiian.) She was born on January 10, 2021 on Oahu (Hawaii)

Welcome to the Mainland. Iowa was always our plan B, I love when Ed says this because it's true. So while we declared our love of Hawaii and travel always, we somehow knew deeper in our souls that Iowa would become home again one day for me and now home to my amazing Ohana.

Next we found our beautiful space in Iowa to call our temporary home and I of course hit the ground running with maintaining all of my online sessions, executive coaching and trainings but also loved adding new in person Tours and 2 Diamond Jo Casino events to my plate. We have reconnected with beautiful friends, Ohana, new and older clients and just soaked up the new love! The 2021 transition again had many blessings but also life wouldn't be life without highs and lows. We are not always welcomed by all and can feel energies when those who are not in alignment with God will press upon their jealousy. We pray for all who a) don't understand our choices b) who don't support my gifts and c) who cannot find their own happiness and project that pain onto our Ohana. We are loving homeschooling life with Ace Ohana and having free range to explore and heal. As the quote says, if you don't have good intentions, just leave us alone!

Another huge milestone and beautiful adventures were de-winterizing our Motor Coach for travel / tours and me getting on a plane very unexpectedly and joining hearts with the most incredible Ohana's in a company, business model and once in a lifetime product(s). I was so blessed to hop on that plane after accepting a personal invite to Convention 2021 in Salt Lake City, Utah for my new adventure as an independent distributor with LifeVantage. (Mahalos for everyone who has not only supported their Ohana's with these incredible products but to the 22+ woman and men who have already joined my incredible heart-based team!

Yes you can shop and join me and email me with any questions: Activating is God sent for so many reasons.


I'm just so blessed to call LifeVantage part of my calling as a Shaman

We wrapped up the year with our first even photo shoot with our sweetest friend Dani Neyens from here in Dubuque, Iowa and couldn't be more thankful for her love and captures. Ed is typically our photog and it was just so special to have Dani step into this sacred space with us!

2021, you were beautiful, magical, life expanding, heart warming, surprising, brilliant, protecting and a little bit of shit mixed in but we cannot ever repay the unwavering love, support, miracles, blessings, lessons and growth. Mahalo for the 2021, year of the 5.

xoxo Adamos'

2022 is the year of the 6.

  • 6 meaning family/communication

  • Communication - Harmony & Balance (That which is Sacred)

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