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2020 Word of the Year with Mindie Adamos

Are you are a “word” of the new year kind of person? I have always had a word or phrase of the year! Even before being a professional channeler, shaman and teacher, I have always had goals, vision boards, words or phrases that get me through this crazy journey called life.

In 2019 my words were Allow and Align. These rooted deeply in my faith, foundational beliefs and also my desire to surrender to God, to allow the universe and ancestors to flow through me vs. old energy habits of “doing, being, figuring out, and even forcing.” Allowing as my key word for 2019 was also a basis for my teachings which connected so quickly to so many. After allowing sinks in, that is where Alignment happens. Alignment to me, is high vibrational centeredness, not perfect but keeps you in faith, flow, allows discernment more easily, allows focus, great decisions personally and professionally, if you are having a bad day in alignment, it doesn’t turn into a bad week or month, because you are aligned in love. Alignment was about surrendering further to the Love of God, for me anyway. Alignment was about listening and following the signs, even when they felt far fetched. Man, I could give so many examples of where these two words, shifted me, my clients and those in my path.

Intentional living, and growth mindset are essential foundations in all the course work, channleings and healings that I do. So as I launch my energy in a more dynamic way in my Online Unversity, you will see these teachings further about how mindset matters, in fact mindset is EVERYTHING!

So for the first time ever, I’m announcing my 2020 words of the year!


Faith being in not only my relationship with God / Spirit, but on a deeper level all together.

Strength is having the personal power, regardless of opinion to forge forward in my work as a professional channel and shaman. Strength to change old energy habits, strength for a moving mountains mindset, strength to be the best mom, friend, wife and child of God. (And so much more!)

Lastly, but deeply rooted in my 2020 word of the year is Growth. I have so many personal and professional goals that are not necessary work related, but in the end they all add up. Yes, I have goals/targets and milestones I’m ready to conquer. Growth doesn’t come from comfort zones. It’s about to get really uncomfortable in 2020 folks, and I’m literally over the moon excited.

Here are some powerful and intentional words that you may resonate with! Sit a few minutes with a journal, maybe write a few goals down and then reflect on those personal and professional goals and see where there may be a theme. Maybe the theme is a word that is holding you back, maybe the theme is a feeling you get when you read them, or an outcome based feeling when you achieve them.

Here are a few ideas as well!

Grace - Lead - Immerse - Dream - Accomplish - Goals - Joy - Clear - Connection - Belong - Bold - Faith - Health - Elevate - Expansion - Forgiveness - Trust - Achieve - Celebrate - Health - Comfort - Leadership - Expansion - Brave - Fearless - Alive - Direction - Change - Laugh - Blessed - Consistency - Aware - Calm - Boundaries - Become - Compassion - Creative - Cultivate - Bold - Empower - Freedom - Grounded - Journey - Mindful - Organize - Permission - Reset - Responsible - Simple - Thrive - Whole - Specific

Once you decide on your word of the year, place them visually and physically around you. Place on your screen savers, vision boards, mirror, create art to hang in your space or home, write them daily in your journaling, recite them in your prayers, reflect on them in healing and counseling sessions, think about them as often as possible and even write on your calendars as reminders. They are beyond POWERFUL and so are you! Cheers to an amazing 2020!

Drop your 2020 WORD of the year below, or on my Instagram / Private Facebook Group posts about the Word of the Year!

Remember, what you think you become, what you think about habitually is the primary life you will live. Words Matter. Cheers to upcoming year of FAITH - STRENGTH & GROWTH!

xoxo Mindie

All Rights Reserved 2019

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