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10 Points of Clarity about Psychics

It’s 2020, so while we are clearing up other paradigms and misconceptions about the human race, I will tackle an old energy straight from my personal experiences. God told me, this was the title I was going to use, did I love it? Not necessarily, but I was neither here or there Initially. I’ve always supported my journey, in the way that connects with God, not a title. Through the years however, there have been some bumpy roads with being ”associated” the the negative or judgy sides of being Psychic. In recent years that absolute harm that other Psychics have caused personal clients of mine, or stories of theirs really put me in space of frustration. Where I am today, is simply going by what my God aligns for me and leaving the rest to opinions that no longer matter to me.

  1. Psychics are not all treated equal and never will be. It’s like saying all cops are the same. Yup, I said it.

  2. Psychic ability is a huge gray area. Here is what google says. (See below) Yes, we are all born (naturally) with telepathic abilities. We are constantly feeling things that we cannot explain (psychically, or some people call this intuition.) No matter what you call it, it’s the feels, we know stuff and often are experiencing energy that is of psychic nature. Now, what you need to keep in mind, this is a gray area. Energy is energy, it doesn’t lie. You can call it spirit, feels, psychic, clairvoyance, or anything you want. It’s yours and it’s not special, it’s naturally occurring within ever single person on some level. Some level is the key here. Some have extra extra large amounts, purpose and reason specific to their journey. My gifts are explained on my YouTube Channel in a video posted in 2019. I’m not your average or typically psychic at all. I’m thankful for that.

  3. relating to or denoting faculties or phenomena that are apparently inexplicable by natural laws, especially involving telepathy or clairvoyance. “Psychic Powers”

  4. relating to the soul or mind

  5. Psychic abilities, does not mean quality or love. See #1. Having an awareness or strong connection does not mean your experiences will be positive. Psychic does not mean positive or negative, it means whatever experiences you have been told, shown or you personally have experienceD. Again, see #1.

  6. Psychic can mean that some focus on past, present or future. How each person channels and aligns will affect the outcome of each of these areas. Some consider tarot cards or Angels cards as Psychic work, some do not. It's gray.

  7. Psychic doesn’t mean they will always predict.

  8. Psychic does not mean always right.

  9. Psychic may include several other healing benefits or modalities. All psychics are not mediums, and not all mediums are psychic. Not all shamans are psychic and not all psychics are shamans.

  10. Psychic doesn’t mean they aren’t spiritual and/or religious

  11. Psychic abilities for some are instant, and for others they have to “connect” or “tune in.” Some require tools, others need nothing at all, and prefer nothing at all.

  12. Psychics do not all channel the same way, interpret the same way or give guidance the same way.

and I will add a personal bonus. 11. Not all Psychics are into witchy stuff, metaphysical stuff, medium type stuff, or the woo woo.

I for one, can attest that I’m one of the only people I know, called to do this work, and love Jesus more than life itself. I thrive in alignment of love, healing, positivity, crystals, oils, nourishing foods, gardening, creativity, human connection and Ohana. You won’t find me dying to hit up the next metaphysical fair or waiting in lines to try the newest technology that bypasses doing the inner healing work. I for one, believe that you can always find the light wherever you go, but I’m extremely guided to caution the dark appearing to be light. A lot of this exists in the world, and for this I’m both thankful and cautiously optimistic. Do your research, sit in prayer, and allow the love of Spirit to align you in your journey. Seeking, pushing and control end of working in contrast to who you really are. God’s path takes work, Spirit shows up greatly in the process, but desperation to “be” a psychic or healer will absolutely backfire.

It’s not glamorous, sexy or always a blast. It’s hard ass work and when God chooses you to align in this work and when done in love, yes it absolutely can be miraculous. It’s not trending or mainstream what God chose for me, but the love and light is worth it.

If you haven’t ever tried connecting to a Psychic, don’t just shop anywhere. Be prepared to pray about it.

See #1. I’m not just a Psychic, I’m Mindie, a human being. A wife, mama to the most amazing son, a friend, daughter, Influencer, entrepreneur, child of God and believer in miracles through Jesus Christ.

All my love,

xoxo Mindie

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