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1 easy way to determine if you are Ascending (Aligning)!

Aloha, so one of the top questions I get online, and in paid private sessions and even healings is this, "Mindie how do I know if I'm ascending?" (I also call this alignment!) While there are many factors (energies) and while you will inevitably shift in and out of 3D -- 5D or above consciousness based on your blueprint and choices, there is a way that I want you to rethink about ascension/alignment.

A little background first, if you haven't read my previous blog about 5D, you absolutely want to read that first. These are new world consciousness terms that you would benefit from learning about. We are no longer staying in 3D realms of energy, many of us moved pass this and started that journey since December 21, 2012. (Or even prior)

I will now preface a few things. This has no affiliate to yours and even my personal, professional, political or religious views. This exercise is about vibration overall, and true testament to how you "vibrationally respond/react" in a few examples below.

I have have reading / healing for 10 years, professionally almost 8. There is a great clarity in all my work, and this is vibrationally facts for my work. You can say something all day long (speak words), but how you vibrate is your first and always most accurate read for me as a Galactic Psychic & Shaman. For example, I have millions of them, but here is an easy few examples. I once told a person she would have to gain roughly 20 pounds to heal, response "that will never happen." This was the verbal response but the vibrational response was literally locked up energy, 10,000 padlocks and jumping backwards about 100 feet. Another example, a client said politics don't bother me, and yet when presented with an opposing statement in politics here response was still that doesn't bother me (Short, anger in her tone, like annoyed Spirit was talking about it!), yet it was met with a energy of black, thick tar like substances filling up her throat and lungs, anger in the her chest and lower chakras shut down completely (She is also very ill constantly, which is energy blocks). These are two tiny examples, and only a piece of the example. You can see in both circumstances and examples, you can say one thing and it also says low vibe, but you can also answer the way you think spirit wants you to, and yet again, still vibrate low. These examples have everything to do with what I'm about to share.

I posted on Mindie Adamos personal Facebook page yesterday, there is one sure way to tell if you are moving/shifting into the 5th Dimension or not. I'm using current and relative topics because it's easy, I could easily choose other examples. I'm not going to however. I want you to review the following statements as ask yourself this: Do you respond in your energy with Love, Harmony and Understanding or is there a reaction of ANY TYPE? There is no right or wrong, there is however healing or unhealed energy, expanded or unexpanded energy. Both of which are critical in alignment. *Caution to some may be triggered*

Reminder - these statements are made for training purposes and not of that in which I or my clients may feel personally. Review each question - take notice of any sort of vibrational feelings. Take a few notes, are you open, closed, sad, angry, frustrated, no response, joy, happiness, understanding, incompetence, dissatisfied, light headed, temperature changes, chills, disappointment or anything in-between.

  • The world is in a great place right now

  • Climate control is a real global issue

  • Trump is an excellent president who seeks justice for all

  • Black lives matter organization should be shut down

  • Vaccines are perfectly safe, healthy and manufactured for our overall well-being

  • Mass shootings are a set up for government control

  • Masks do not work outside of medical grade varieties

  • Clintons are corrupt

  • My parents treat all of us kids equally, emotionally, financially and physically

  • Corona virus is not real, it's a hoax

  • We should allow religion back into our schools as a primary teaching with God and Jesus Christ

  • I sleep well at night knowing there are millions of abortions and child abductions per year

  • Schools should reopen fully and with no masks or special requirements

  • I have a closer bond with one of my children over the other(s)

  • Sexual orientation is a choice

  • I should be grateful for a job I hate

  • It's okay if my child does not want to go to college

  • I believe we should all be vegan, because every living thing deserves to live

  • I'm proud of every aspect of my life

  • I'm emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially responsible for my decisions

  • I love my parents, they always made great choices

Congratulations, you were just opened up vibrationally. You were exposed to some very vibrationally triggering statements. *Pause, take a deep breath in, and release. Do that 3 more times, big breath in ..... and release!

Now, there is no right or wrong, truly no such thing. We all vibrate differently and that's on purpose. I could have just used the "president" as the way in which to test your alignment. I however know through my years of work, that many people align fully and so that is why, I needed to add some other triggers for humans. Many of you say you are open, you loved be challenged, but the truth is, vibrationally that is not the case at all. Many of you say one thing, but vibrate differently. What I have absolutely learned in my personal and professional journey is this. Dark is not always bad, light can be authentic but also temporary. We are all a bit broken, but whole in God's eyes, and when you finally decide to take accountability for your decisions, life will be beautiful healed in all ways.

There is also healing in areas that you are passionate about, but when passion becomes belligerent, that's also not a virbation of love. These statements, some of them very forward, are a way for you to take a self inventory of your alignment. World, we have some homework to do!

  • Where are you judging others?

  • Are you caught in the illusions?

  • Is your pineal gland calcified?

  • Are you really at peace in a majority of the areas of your own life?

  • Are you really proud of your reactions and responses to others?

  • Are you stuck?

  • Are you eating nourshing foods?

  • Do you have healthy sleeping patterns?

  • Is there peace, joy and love in your home?

  • Are you carrying old wounds?

  • Are you actively raising your vibrations?

  • Are you having the difficult conversations for sake of peace or to prove a point?

  • Are you balanced?

  • Are you stuck in a mindset of worry, victim mentality or who else will do it if I don't?

  • Are you able to see all sides of the worldly issues?

  • Do you feel the need to fix everything?

  • Do you understand you are an extension of source energy and are a very powerful being?

  • Do you understand that just because you don't agree, you can still have boundaries but be professional and in alignment?

  • Do you see that this test of energy shows many of you, that despite your "desire" to LOVE ALL, you don't really know how yet?

  • Do you see, that until you see that you are the one who can heal you, nothing will ever change?

  • Do you know that judging anyone for anything is low vibration.

  • Do you also know that vibrational facts are different that judging?

  • Do you even know the difference?

  • Do you also know that how you personally feel every single day is a the truth test of whether or not you are in alignment with God / Source / Divine Energy?

  • Do you know that we are the change?

  • Do you wish to set your mind free and live in the New World Energy which is that of Christ Consciousness or also known as 5th Dimensional Energy?

  • Do you want to understand that unconditional love, cannot have or live in the same space as a huge list of attributes in which you want others to live by to make you happy?

  • Do you understand that your personal happiness will never be about anyone else, except you and you?

  • Are you ready to open your heart so that your head stops getting the lead role in the play called life?

  • Are you ready to expand your heart so that everything you thought you knew is going to be questioned and squashed so that you can move into 5D?

Get help, healing and guidance when you are ready. I have several BLOGS already written on contracts, vibrations, and many Youtube videos that while aged, they are never more important than now. Join me a beautiful intimate group saying YES to healing in my upcoming "Live Pono" online event. It's 5 weekends in August online! (teleconference and recorded for self paced as well). Details on on my SHOP tab! Only a few seats left!

Your step 1 is really, really taking a inventory of what life you are livng, vs the life you desire. The only thing stopping you, is you. Book a session with Spirit, join an onlive event, or both!

All my love,

xoxo Mindie

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"Live Pono" - living in alignment with all.

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