Frequently asked questions

What is a Psychic, Medium and Shaman? How are they different?

Psychic: Traditionally means accessing, channeling and reading energy outside of our regular five senses. This energy many include but is not limited to past, present and future energy. Medium: Those who are able to connect with the other side of the veil, those who have crossed over (loved ones who have passed away). Shaman: Energy Healer accessing ancestor knowledge and healing abilities from other realms and dimensions. This abiltiy is different than someone who does Reiki or other forms of general energy healing. This is not limited to healing just people, this includes energy healing in many different forms including healing spaces, mother earth, humans, pets, family patters, and so much more. Not every Psychic is a Medium and Not every Medium is a Psychic - those abilties can be learned, practiced and enhanced over time, but everyone is very different and depending on what they are called to do, in this lifetime not everyone blends their abilities. Shamans are another level of energy healing and while people who connect with Mother earth call themselves Shamans there are different degrees and callings associated with Shamanism. What is shifting is that Shamans are awakening to their abilties beyond some of the older Shaman traditions and Galactic Shamans are emerging. Mindie is a Galatic Shaman with a strong background in mostly Hawaiian, and some Peruvian/Native American lineage. Everyone is born with intuition, gut instinct, many humans are empathic, this does not mean however that everyone is a Psychic or Medium. There are so many different channels and abilities it's nearly impossible to describe, however if you have any "feelings" that you are awakening your abilties, this is best covered in a Reading with Mindie as she can access any and all parts of your gifts and assist with you knowing more about your journey here on earth. Read More about Mindie's unique abilities under her "About" section to see why her gifts and abilties are that beyond a Psychic Medium and Shaman.

Does Mindie channel or connect with Pets?

Yes, all the time. Our beloved pets are just as easy to connect with, as our loved ones. Because of Mindie's unique abilities, she can also communicate with pets that are both living and those that have crossed over. Channeling pets is done with ease and they are just as eager to speak as loved ones!

How does a reading or healing happen over the phone?

Everything is energy, therefore all services over the phone with Mindie work the exact same as in person. Mindie has channeled and healed over the phone/distantly for her entire career, the is absolutely no difference in a phone session/distant session vs. an in person session. Mindie still conducts over half of all of her services to clients all over the world.

Can I talk to a specific loved one or pet during my reading?

Yes, opening channeling is where Mindie just brings forward the most important messages for your highest good and of course during this time, loved ones and pets line up to chat. Spirit is so very eager to bring messages of peace, love, healing, hope and confirmation. "One Demand" is where Mindie will call on a specific loved one or pet to step forward and this is done with ease as well. Whether you want a specific loved one/pet or a more open channeling reading you will always connect with many loved ones in just a single session. Mindie also leaves time at the end of each reading to ask specific questions and these can include connecting with a specific loved one or pet.

Does Mindie offer Past Life Readings/Healings?

Mindie offers an array of services during a single reading, past lives included. Mindie's gifts are unique in that she can channel not only your past lives incarnated here on the earth plane, but also because she is a Galactic Shaman/Psychic she can also channel messages about your soul in other Galactic spaces, including other planets, dimensions and realms.

Mindie can provide a tremendous level of details from your past lives, including location, persons you have reincarnated with, good times and also the times where you struggled in one way or another and how this may impact your current life time lessons and karma.
Mindie is an expert in this area of past lives and most importantly as a Galactic Shaman, her healing can take in the moment you are discussing your past life as the healing goes on during your past life discussion/channeling.

Can Mindie help with dreams I am having?

Mindie can not only help you interpret your Dreams, she can teach you how to most effectively handle them in the future, change / shift what you are remembering, help you to remember more and specifically recall the dreams that are best for your soul, and she can even channel further details as a Psychic / Galactic Shaman and heal during your session as well.
There is no dream question that Mindie is not able to help you with, whether it's a dream state or even astral travel type situation, Mindie again is very familiar personally and professionally with Dream Work and Healing.

Does Mindie help with Missing Person Cases or Criminal Cases?

While Mindie can and has helped with many cases around the USA, she only works with Law Enforcement / Private Investigators. Law Enforcement Office, Private Investigator or Local Law Enforcement must email through a contact form in order to initiciate a case for Mindie to review.

Has there ever been a time where noone in Spirit comes through for a reading?

Never, there are so many eager Spirits and Loved Ones waiting for you, this has never happened in a case with Mindie, in fact most people are surprised by how many loved ones and pets show up in a single reading. There have been Readings where over 20 people have showed up with very specific messags. There is never a time in Mindie's history where noone showed up, to her it's impossible and it's always the opposite, so many Spirits so little time.