xoxo Mindie 

"I'm just your average Midwest Iowa girl, with so much to offer in this lifetime." - Mindie


Mindie was born in Illinois and after the age 3 she was raised in small town Maquoketa, Iowa.  Even at a very young age she remembers seeing and talking to Spirit.  She somehow "knew" things about people, places, and situations happening around her.  Her dreams were vivid and they would come true in real life.  Struggling to understand what she was experiencing at the time, it made for a difficult childhood growing up.  Despite these abilities, which many kids struggle to understand at such a young age, she hid away and ignored these gifts which would inevitably lead down the road to being a Professional Psychic and a path of Shamanism.


At the age of 19 Mindie joined Corporate America and moved quickly up the company management chain that ranked in the Fortune 500.  In 2009 she met the love of her life, Ed, her soon to be husband, and moved to Virginia Beach, VA to join the rest of his family.  Little did she know that on Christmas Day 2010, her father-in-law (Pops) would deliver a message to her that would change her life forever.  Pops had frequented trips to Philippines, his native country, and had been receiving message from a family Psychic back in his hometown. The message was as he told her at the family dinner table that afternoon... she had the gifts and abilities, and was meant to do this in her lifetime.  She was meant to use her gifts to heal others.


Unsure what she was supposed to do with this information, Mindie spent the next three years seeking the advice and counsel of many different psychic mediums around the world.  Each psychic she sought out only reiterated exactly what Pops had shared with her that day.  In 2013 Mindie decided it was time to stop running from her gifts.  She enrolled professional training with a well-known Psychic Teacher.  Soon after she began her training, Mindie jumped into giving readings.  She found the experience humbling, exciting, and healing.  From this point on, she has never looked back.  With the full support of her husband, Mindie was eligible for retirement after 16 years with her company and did so, while pursing her calling as a Psychic Medium & Shaman Healer.   

Mindie's calling as a New Energy Psychic Medium & Shaman Healer is unique in her overall gifts and abilities. She is not just connecting your loved ones and pets from the other side. As a multi-galatic Shaman and Psychic, her gifts go beyond what most can comprehend without having worked directly with her. Mindie is a "soul connector and healer."  What this means to you, is that she is connecting with the "Soul" of the human body which is never dead nor alive, therefore she can heal and connect with thoughts, feelings, and emotions regardless of whether the human/pet is alive or passed. Mindie's ability to connect with the soul and heal across all lifetimes and dimensions is what sets her gifts and abilities apart from traditional psychics, mediums and even healers. You will soon come to learn, that the healing abilities that were gifted to her in this lifetime are exactly that, LIFE CHANGING.


As a multidimensional link between our spiritual and our physical worlds, Mindie's voice and channel through Spirit brings messages AND healings. She conducts sessions in both private and public settings for those in need of a spiritual connection and healings.  Spirit communicates through Mindie to bring specific names, messages, and answers from the other side which afford her clients a unique and personalized experience.  Many clients' lives have been changed after booking one session with her. 


Mindie's natural, multi-intuitive abilities not only include communicating with Spirit on all levels, but also has clients all over the world in her Professional Executive Psychic Coaching Programs. Mindie's gift also allow past life exploration and dream interpretation.  She has also worked with non-verbal adults relaying messages of hope and healing to distraught family members, as well as families who's journeying includes loved ones in Hospice. Mindie's passion runs deep for families who have children living with Autism, ADHD, and sensitivities to Spirit, Chemicals, and Food Allergies, and more. Her gifts also allow her to channel pets that have crossed over and even those still in the physical world. This brings a great deal of comfort to parents of fur babies who have big decisions to make and need to communicate with their pets.


Not only has Mindie worked with thousands of clients in one-on-one sessions all over the world, but she has also been featured in several small and large venues such as the Edgar Cayce A.R.E. psychic fairs, Health and Wellness Conferences, Ultimate Girlfriend Affair Conventions, and the Diamond Jo Casino as well as helped in missing person cases and paranormal investigations

Mindie and her Ohana recently moved to Mindie's homestate of Iowa after a beautiful almost 2 years on Oahu (Hawaii).

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Mindie Adamos your positive words and advice definitely changed my life and transformed me from energy skeptic to believer. I was awakening on my own but you really helped expedite and facilitate my growth and evolution into a space and positive energy of happiness. It required me to dig deep and uncover a lot of repressed negative energies and generational patterns I was falling back on as my default energy,... so toxic. 


Anyhow I am now one of your biggest fans and I’d like to express my gratitude and

endorsement of your gifts.  - Maui, Hawaii


Whew... Where to begin. Mindie has consistently been there for me for several years now. I have sought out her spiritual guidance and ability to connect with someone/something that is bigger than all of us, in order for me to find peace and clarity in my life. Her gifts/messages have not always been easy to hear but now I see that this was because I wasn't ready to listen or accept what she was saying, not because she was inaccurate in her messages. Quite the opposite really. Mindie has been able to relate to me and share in my emotional struggles, all while taking the time to explain to me what it is to be patient, forgiving and how to let go of people and things that no longer serve my authentic self. Her gifts have allowed me to really explore who and what I am, my worth in this world and how to have unwavering faith, even in the most trying of times. It's been very helpful to reach out to Mindie countless times and to know in my mind and heart that the messages she shares with me are coming directly from my loved ones. Mindie's gifts have and will continue to change my life for the better. ♥️ - Iowa